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I recently installed DB2 Express -C and Data Studio latest version on my Windows 8 PC. Now, I can see two user accounts in my system, one under name "VISHVAS" ( which is my default administrator account with NO password) and second user account is under name "DB2ADMIN" ("Local user or Domain user account ") which was created automatically while installing DB2 Express-C and its PASSWORD is: admin.

Now, DB2CMD, if I list tables under schema DB2ADMIN, I cannot see any tables, it's showing 0 tables. However, I can see tables under schema "Vishvas" for my SAMPLE database, which I don't know why it's doing that, it shouldn't be doing that because it's local PC (Windows 8) administrator account not my DB2 Express account which is "DB2ADMIN"

In Data Studio, I am able to connect to Sample database using my username: db2admin and password: admin, however I cannot perform any operations on my sample database tables like on Employee table etc, I can't run any sql commands, I can't do anything. All time, I am getting the same error message ""Authorization ID: DB2ADMIN" does not have required authorization or privilege to perform this operation".

Please help me and let me know what steps should I take to resolve this matter. I am new to DB2, kind of layman. You guys are experts and professionals and you are doing great job...So, please help my guys......

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    Re: "DB2ADMIN" does not have the privilege to perform this operation


    Issue this command - get dbm cfg and let us know what you see under <SYSADM_GROUP>