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‏2013-04-27T00:43:24Z |

We have launched a new beta of the Code Rally game (click here for more information) and would love to hear your feedback (good or bad). If you have any comments/suggestions/thoughts/requests or bug reports please post them as a reply to this thread.



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    Re: New Code Rally beta thread



    Bit of an unimportant point but:

    In the spirit of clean code is there any chance that onOffTrack() in DefaultCarAI can be renamed to carTransitionedOffTrack()? From the name I was under the wrong impression that this callback was invoked when the car leaves and re-enters the track. I know the documentation does clearly state that its only called when the car leaves the track but its always nice to have obvious method names (so that idiots like me don't get it wrong :-) )



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    Re: New Code Rally beta thread


    Hi Tom, I just started to explore Code Rally as a fun way to introduce K12 students to computer programming, I was trying to set up a local server and found that when I try to replay the races the cars didn't appear (only appear when the races is about to start), or sometimes I see random dots. On the board, the car has finished the race. Any suggestions? I tried running the server in OSX and also in Windows, but both platforms perform the same.