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Pinned topic Tip to have logical volume layout similar to AIX

‏2012-11-09T22:45:01Z |
For those of you who are used to the AIX volume names for the root volume group, you can add the following in your RHEL6 kickstart file to have a similar layout for your Linux rootvg
part prepboot --fstype=prepboot --size=4
part /boot --fstype ext4 --size=256 --asprimary
part pv.01 --size=1 --grow
volgroup rootvg --pesize 32768 pv.01
logvol /home --fstype ext4 --name hd1     --vgname rootvg --size 8192
logvol /usr  --fstype ext4 --name hd2     --vgname rootvg --size 8192
logvol /tmp  --fstype ext4 --name hd3     --vgname rootvg --size 8192
logvol /     --fstype ext4 --name hd4     --vgname rootvg --size 8192
logvol swap  --fstype ext4 --name hd6     --vgname rootvg --size 8192
logvol /var  --fstype ext4 --name hd9var  --vgname rootvg --size 8192
logvol /opt  --fstype ext4 --name hd10opt --vgname rootvg --size 8192
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    Re: Tip to have logical volume layout similar to AIX

    Clever.   There are a number of people looking at enhancing the kickstart documentation for Linux running on Power systems.   This would be a great example to include as a tip.