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Pinned topic Scripts taking OLE's out of Text elements (DOORS)

‏2013-04-29T11:29:37Z | ole script


I want to run a script on a text element containing the "Object Text" attribute, essentially to replace see section Object ID with see section Heading Number. This works well, aside from the rather major drawback that it takes out all the OLE's. How do I avoid this. I am using version



P.S Searching this forum on the word OLE, gives me one result. This horrendous search / new forum functionality wastes my time in that I cannot easily find previous messages and the IBM administrators time in that they have to answer the same questions twice. Can someone kick whoever is responsible for the migration of the search facility. The indexing has obviously failed almost completely. 

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    Re: Scripts taking OLE's out of Text elements (DOORS)


    Hey Richard,

    that is by design. When the data property is brought into a script context all rich formatting ( and that includes OLEs) is lost.

    We have enhanced that in RPE 1.2 and now you can specify that you want to preserve the rich text in the script expression ( check "XHTML Input") in which case you will get the XHTML code instead of the raw text you get now. Selecting "XHTML Output" in the Script Expression editor tells RPE that the outcome of the script evaluation is to be parsed as rich text and not plain text . Just make sure that the changes you make do not break the XHTML code.

    See Processing rich text in RPE for more details.