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Pinned topic Launching a PHP file in the background from HTML

‏2013-04-27T14:03:29Z |

I am completely new to AJAX, but have a problem that I understand can only be done with AJAX.  Please help.

I have an HTML page that displays a Modal Window when it loads. The window is a small form, which is optional. If the viewer decides to fill it out, when they click the Submit button the form is validated and, if all is okay, the window is removed and the form data sent (via action=) to a PHP routine for further processing.

I would like the viewer to stay on the HTML page and not to be aware of the PHP routine running (there are no messages sent to the viewer from this routine).

I have been told in other forums that the only way to do this is with AJAX.  I'm hoping that someone will help me with the (I hope) snippet I need to do this.

Thanks in advance for your help.