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Hey, do y'know I was an IBMer for 17 years?<div>&nbsp;</div> Craig

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I have quite a ways to go before I can equal your 17 years, Craig. Seems you found a happy new gig in your post-IBM days! <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for hosting the ceremony. Best wishes for continued success with craigslist (which I'd nominate for a Hall of Fame award), and kudos for your support of many worthwhile causes. <div>&nbsp;</div> --Michael

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Congratulations guys. <div>&nbsp;</div> Excellent stuff, you guys deserve this award; keep up the good work.<div>&nbsp;</div> Mike.

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good job guys... keep up the good work.

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Congratulations!! DW has always been a great resource for me. Keep up the fantastic work!

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Great to see our DW folks in the media !! let the awards keep stacking...

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DW is the first place I turn to for answers to the technical questions I have. Owing to the depth and clarity of its content, it is usually the last place as well. Thanks for creating an excellent reference resource. Congratulations on winning the Jolt award.

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Congratulations guys!<div>&nbsp;</div> You are always a source of wisdom. You deserve it!<div>&nbsp;</div> .::AleX::.

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It is always so great to see so good Job.

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Your efforts may be just the beginning of new &amp; exciting payoffs ...<div>&nbsp;</div> Consider Peter Russell's Global Brain Awakens....

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Congratulations to everyone (IBM-ers, contributors, developers), all around in developerWorks ! keeping it a great place that keeps on giving. I and several in the development area I know rely on the dW for knowledge on several platforms and solutions. Thanks and congrats to IBM for being one of the earliest in adopting the free inter-flow of knowledge and best-practises, while the business concentrates on the service and delivery.

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Good award for a good job. As it should be .... Good work.

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I agree with the above comment <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> "Good award for a good job. As it should be .... Good work"<div>&nbsp;</div> Well done

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Wow good job!

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Congratulations on the award! Nice work.

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congratulation ;)