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1 Josh_Brammer commented Permalink

The possibilities of this technology are limitless. Well done, John!

2 RobHodges commented Permalink

Excellent article - I look forward to the day when cars have this kind of technology to notify us of impending faults.

3 Jon Samuel commented Permalink

@RobHodges so do I these are exciting times and as Josh says the possibilities seem endless.

4 Charley-Rich commented Permalink

Great article! I am very happy to have my car tell me something needs to be fixed. But, what happens when the car manufacturer sells its customer list and now my car starts trying to sell me something via a Google ad? Next, they integrate GPS into this and it advises me that there is a sale that I might be interested in at a store that is off the next exit on the highway... I hope they put some limits in...

5 Jon Samuel commented Permalink

Thank you Charley-Rich. I agree controls will be needed, each car manufacturer will probably go about this in differing ways but as you are in control of your mobile device you'll be able to opt out of services like you can with any app. The data on the car, or any device for that matter, is so valuable the manufacturers don't want to loose this if they annoy the drivers and too many opt out then they'll loose the data insight they so desperately want. With this in mind and the distraction laws of various countries we hopefully will not be bombarded with sales promotions. It'll be interesting to see.

6 Jon Samuel commented Permalink

Here is a Prezi visual of the above scenario.

7 Jon Samuel commented Permalink

Part 2 has now been published if you'd like to read it go here:- <a target="_blank" href=""></a>