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I think you should read the article about Mac security by Bill Thompson on the BBC News website.http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/4609968.stmSecurity is everyone problem. No computer user can afford to be complacent whether there particular make of machine has a history of hacks and viruses or not. As the yahoo article shows, there is always a first time.

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oh, i assure you i'm not complacent about security: my home network starts with a t1 that routes to a dedicated (linux) firewall that's locked down tightly, behind which lives all my macs, each of which runs norton antivirus regularly. i have intrusion detection agents running on the firewall that give me a heads up when traffic looks suspicious, and i check my logs regularly as well.i don't deny that there are threats to the mac...but my experience has been that, even with this network configuration, i spent orders of magnitude more time keeping my PC clean and up to date with the latest multitude of patches. my pc would crash on a weekly basis (nothing to do with viruses) which typically took a while to recover from, but i simply don't waste that time on my mac.

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