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<i>"Venu, PJ and Terri trying not to scare people away from the Informix booth"</i>

Did it work? ;-)
Seriously, what is the interest in IDS like in the Mac arena? I see a huge opportunity, but I don't know if the Apple are promoting themselves in the commercial sector very hard ...

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I would say a steady stream of interest. Something that strikes me at Macworld compared to other conferences I've attended is the variety of attendees... from individual Mac fans with no commercial interests, self-employed consultants, small family businesses, software vendors, through to large enterprises and government contractors. This variety is reflected in traffic through the booth. I don't know how well Apple are promoting themselves in the commercial sector, but there does seem to be some momentum building. We are seeing people who are just glad to see IBM is interested in the Mac, but we're also seeing some researchers and representatives from larger organizations who are seriously interested to see enterprise class data services available on the Mac, for example a gaming company who runs all their software on Mac's, except their database which runs on other hardware due to lack of availability.

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