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1 TheresaRamsey commented Permalink

Hi Darrel, <br /> Completely agree that engineers can be social! <div>&nbsp;</div> In particular, online communities where the discussions happen async can make it easier to be social. And maybe not being online vs in person actually helps those shy, introvert engineers. :-) <div>&nbsp;</div> Time to participate in online communities is usually one barrier I hear about. Though I think it can save time by sharing some knowledge via social means, vs having several people ask about it via email (and others that maybe didn't bother to ask but still read about it online). <div>&nbsp;</div> Development teams and engineers using social media could be like Unleash the Labs on steriods.

2 RustyLloyd commented Permalink

We've found that timeboxing a person's activity can be extremely helpful in terms of particpation as well as having a critical work function (or functions) be part of the community to encourage participation at multiple levels.

3 sjpeich commented Permalink

Hi, Rusty. Can you give an example of timeboxing?