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1 PeterYim commented Permalink

Mr Bob, you are so creative! This really takes QR into another dimension. It kind of reminded me conferences used to pass out tiny little CDs, instead of the full-sized ones, b/c they realized that data don't usually take up the entire CD. So they can make cute little ones. In your case, you realized that QR code doesn't take up the entire image, so you can jam some of your own data in the image. How creative!! I hope to see this vision in used in conferences (with Bob's head stick in the middle!) That will be so cool!

2 bobleah commented Permalink

@ Peter - Thanks for the feedback Peter! Your right... this is similar to those cut down CD's! Not to sure about using my head image at conferences though!

3 David_Salinas commented Permalink

@PeterYim - Hahahahaha.... I remember those days of getting CD swag! <div>&nbsp;</div> Bob, great post... branding of QR codes.... nice. I have not seen anyone take this to this degree. Its the perfect blend of marketing need with technical enablement. Allow users to get quick access to information in the physical world at the right time (now) with the right tool (smart phone) while still providing an opportunity to align with your branding messaging or imagery.

4 daryl_pereira commented Permalink

That head image QR code is the best use of this I've ever seen! That's one trippy graphic. <div>&nbsp;</div> Joking aside, I think this is a great-little known trick with real branding value. We're beginning to use QR codes more and more at IBM events. I think there's potential here to make ours stand out from the pack.

5 CJS commented Permalink

Ha ! I knew this would be something very interesting ! Cool stuff....

6 thartric commented Permalink

Bob, very creative! Great blog entry. Perhaps the creators of QR codes had this in mind when they allowed this tolerance, or more likely you found a hidden jewel! I've seen QR codes popping up more frequently in hardcopy magazines and newspapers... and on real estate signs in front of houses that are for sale.

7 bobleah commented Permalink

@ David - this does appear to be a perfect storm of technical enablement &amp; tooling... with just the right blend of geekness!

8 bobleah commented Permalink

@ daryl - thanks for the feedback... I will be interested in seeing the creative ways IBM starts to use QR codes!

9 bobleah commented Permalink

@ CJS - Thanks CJ! Fun stuff here for sure!

10 bobleah commented Permalink

@ Tom - Thanks much for the feedback! I believe the original redundancy was to factor in the physical world use of QR codes. Placing a QR code on a poster, mug, or piece of clothing opens up the real possibility of physical wear, tear, and damage to the QR image. It's neat we can take advantage of this redundancy in other ways!