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1 MattOrovitz commented Permalink

Hi Anthony, Awesome info... Glad to see you are still at it! Ping me when you have a chance to catch up. <br /> Matt

2 johansen_lee commented Permalink

Greeting Anthony, I was curios about QOS performance if we apply this feature to some "hosts" and if this "hosts" at idle state, so can the bandwidth that already assign to QOS host use by non QOS host? <br /> Thx in advance.

3 anthonyv commented Permalink

Its a great question. The QoS feature in XIV is all about preventing hosts from 'demanding' too much bandwidth. Hosts that are unrestricted can request as much IO that the XIV can give it. The QoS feature does not reserve bandwidth, so the answer to your question is YES... if a restricted host is idle then an unrestricted host has even more freedom to access all the bandwidth of the XIV.

4 johansen_lee commented Permalink

Ok, thank you anthony for your prompt respon. Now i understand the concept. <br /> Many thanks.