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1 RobJodoin commented Permalink

You had the same career path as me. I alsways said if you could fix a 3890 and a 3800, you could fix anything.... literally. CPU, DASD, Car, washing machine. Name it.. It had AC motors, DC motors, microfilm, digital image scanning, ink jet, etc. The B model control unit was two 2M X 2M logic gates where the brain of the system resided and a bug in that puppy had to scoping lines to right down to the failing branch command or ALU (which which were actual FRUs). I was happy when they were replaced by PS2s. I found this picture of a 3890 (which I always thought was an impressively large machine) <br /> <br />

2 anthonyv commented Permalink

I so totally agree,.... over many years I have repaired my dishwasher, clothes dryer, washing machine... all using skills and knowledge I learnt from 3890s. I truly loved those machines. We only had one XP1 in the branch, all the rest were B models upgraded from Core to Monolithic.