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Scott,<div>&nbsp;</div> I loved the article in Dr Dobbs on Scaling Scrum and was hoping you would do a blog post here focused on the "pre-game" phase from that article. My team would love to see some more details on how you handle the initial requirements, architecture vision etc. We have been struggling (arguing is probably more accurate) with pre-game tasks/artifacts being part of a Sprint. My team is split on the issue with some feeling its outside the process (and sprints) and others feel its inside. Just so you know.. We're an R&amp;D software team.. We usually have 1 or more somewhat unrelated projects going on at the same time. We want to improve our "pre-game" activities. So hopefully you find a spot in your backlog for a post on the subject.<div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks!Gary

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Scott,<div>&nbsp;</div> While I agree with your thought on 'RUP can be as Agile as you want it to be'; on the note of instantiating the RUP process framework, is it valid to instantiate the framework in a recursive manner? Agile UP borrows the 'phased' approach of RUP, however, for incremental, software delivery oriented iterations to work, the phases themselves need to exhibit the relevant overall RUP phases again, you agree?<div>&nbsp;</div> -Sudhi

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