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After spending the last 3-4 months with trying to get aix 5.2 version Wpars running on AIX 7.1 , in both Rootvg and SYSTEM form, and with alot of great support from IBM in the states I can say we now have a useable product , <div>&nbsp;</div> What shold be noted is that yes it is easy to create the wpar , but please perform alot of testing as there are limitations around what you can do , support wise and without certain Ifixes which I have aquired through IBM the product can be frustraiting to say the least <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> Here are some of my experiances with AIX 5.2 Version Wpar with Rootvg <div>&nbsp;</div> 1. JFS support . <br /> This is an interesting one , If you need to use JFS ( not JFS2 ) and like us you have large Databases still on JFS and cannot afford the downtime to move to JFS2 then i suggest you use version wpar in system form , IE the aix 5.2 Filsystems exist on the 7.1 lpar not the hidden rootvg disk . <br /> Reason is quiet simple , should you need to change the filesystem size you have to do it on the AIX 7.1 Host , as Version wpar does not support the maniplualation of JFS filesystems . The only other option is to delete the file system and recreate as JFS2. <br /> 2. Nested mountpoints . <br /> If your mksysb contains multiple mountpoints ontop of ./usr /var etc , then unless you have the Ifix there are issues creating the actual Version wpar <br /> 3. Addtional luns added to version wpar <br /> AIX 7.1 TL1 broke this , so you need the I-fix to enable disks you add to the wpar to persist after a reboot , as at the moment they do not and when you log into your wpar after the reboot they are defined , which measns you need to delete and re-add <br /> 4. HACMP - Power HA <br /> I am currently working on a way to get a working environment , which alows changes to be made while the system is live , this is still in a testing phase <div>&nbsp;</div> In Summary , this is a great product , but has been let down slightly with issues in later releases of AX 7.1 , but there are Ifies out for these <div>&nbsp;</div> PS , constantly keep your eyes open for new fixes etc :-) <div>&nbsp;</div>

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I am new to WPARs and will be attempting them probably soon. Are there any gotchas around AIX 5.3 WPARS on AIX 7 on Power 8 hardware? Or should it be similar to Power 7?

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Hi Sarah Reed, You are thinking about this all the way. Versioned WPARs are dependant on AIX 7 not the hardware. There are no processor dependant parts to WPAR. Please take the time to watch some of my hands-on Youtube videos on WPARs then you will have few surprises Provided your AIX 5.3 mksysb is at the right AIX level and smallish it will all work. Also don't forget you can put a mksysb on a USB memory key these days for when you have to ship it to the target host machine. Cheers, Nigel