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1 localhost commented Permalink

hey bob i recommend you just point them to Stephen's rather excellent primer on the subject - same recommendation, with a bit more documentation...http://www.redmonk.com/sogrady/archives/000147.html

2 localhost commented Permalink

only tens of sources? wow you must have a day job... ;-)

3 localhost commented Permalink

I didn't want to scare people by saying "hundreds or thousands"!Bob

4 localhost commented Permalink

I've been finding that since the 1.0 release, the support for RSS feeds in Thunderbird and Firefox has been able to meet my needs. Interestingly, it's forced me to sepearate my blog-reading into two categories: ones that post articles which I always wish to read (using Thunderbird, where they appear like email) and ones that post links or articles that I wish to see only the last N of for diversion or interest (which suit themselves to Firefox's Live Bookmarks feature).FWIW,mike

5 localhost commented Permalink

I use Google Gmail exclusively now for my non-work email so I don't use Thunderbird any longer. I did use it as my primary private email reader when I sent things out through sutor.com. Since I change machines between my desktop, laptop, and others, I like having Gmail available anywhere I go as well as Bloglines keeping track of my feeds and reads.Bob

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