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1 lukeither commented Permalink

Chris, I'm a web developer (trained on Dreamweaver) and at the urging of my mentor, I switched to Joomla and I've been using Joomla! CMS for approx 2 years (LOVE IT) for all my web development. Now she wants me to switch over to WordPress and I do not care for WordPress.

I realize the WordPress doesn't have as steep of a learning curve and is easier for the end user (although I disagrees), from my research I learned that WordPress isn't as secure as Joomla!.
How would you rate WordPress against Joomla!
Great information, Thanks
Lukeither Willingham
Lukeither Multimedia & Design

2 cmw.osdude commented Permalink

Lukeither, I'm sorry that I didn't see your comment earlier. Apparently I don't have the alerts set up correctly.

As you noted, I use both Wordpress and Joomla, but I use them for different things. I think that Wordpress is very good for a bloggy, newsy kind if site. It think it's especially good for sites that have multiple authors who are not necessarily very technical. Wordpress tries to work like a word processor as much as possible, and I think it does this pretty well. Some of the design elements are a little strange for me and I do get frustrated working with setting up custom pages the way that I want. In those cases it doesn't think like I do.
I find Joomla suitable for web sites where I want to combine a number of elements and functionality besides blog-type information. The gallery and other plug-ins offer a good deal of great options to customize the site. I try not to do too much custom PHP hacking as those can really break things as the suite continues to mature. However, on the few occasions where I have had to do a little tweaking it was easy enough. However, I do find that "normal people" are pretty daunted by the administrative system for Joomla. It has a lot of potentially moving parts which make the casual poster nervous. I know there are ways to shield them from those things, but I think that Wordpress does it better.
Of course, one could always do something really wacky and embed a Wordpress blog within a Joomla site. :)
As for the security... I think that most PHP-based systems have the same general security issues, largely solved by being a diligent administrator. My biggest problem with Wordpress was initially comment spambots. I added a free Capcha plugin and that issue disappeared.
Overall, I like both tools and I think they both have their place. I continue to use both.