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Date-wise listing of packages
PackageDateLicenseBinary RPMSource RPMDescription
nettle-devel-3.4.1May 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment headers for a low-level cryptographic library
nettle-3.4.1May 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMA low-level cryptographic library
libssh2-docs-1.8.2May 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMDocumentation for libssh2
libssh2-devel-1.8.2May 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment files for libssh2
libssh2-1.8.2May 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMA library implementing the SSH2 protocol
libgd-progs-2.2.5May 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMUtility programs that use libgd
libgd-devel-2.2.5May 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMThe development libraries and header files for gd
libgd-2.2.5May 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMA graphics library for quick creation of PNG or JPEG images
libconfuse-devel-3.2.2May 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment files for libconfuse
libconfuse-3.2.2May 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMA configuration file parser library
gnutls-utils-3.6.4May 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMCommand line tools for TLS protocol.
gnutls-devel-3.6.4May 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment files for the gnutls package.
gnutls-3.6.4May 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMA TLS protocol implementation
ganglia-lib-3.7.2May 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMGanglia Meta daemon http
ganglia-gmond-python-examples-3.7.2May 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMGanglia Monitor daemon python metric modules (Linux examples)
ganglia-gmond-python-3.7.2May 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMGanglia Monitor daemon python DSO and metric modules
ganglia-gmond-3.7.2May 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMGanglia Monitor daemon http
ganglia-gmetad-3.7.2May 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMGanglia Meta daemon http
ganglia-devel-3.7.2May 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMGanglia Library http
fontconfig-devel-2.11.95May 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMFont configuration and customization library
fontconfig-2.11.95May 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMFont configuration and customization library
file-libs-5.36May 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMLibraries for applications using libmagic
file-devel-5.36May 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMLibraries and header files for file development
file-5.36May 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMA utility for determining file types
php-devel-7.2.16May 08 19LicenseRPMSRPMFiles needed for building PHP extensions
php-common-7.2.16May 08 19LicenseRPMSRPMCommon files for PHP
php-cli-7.2.16May 08 19LicenseRPMSRPMCommand-line interface for PHP
php-7.2.16May 08 19LicenseRPMSRPMThe PHP HTML-embedded scripting language
libxml2-python-2.9.9May 08 19LicenseRPMSRPMPython bindings for the libxml2 library
libxml2-devel-2.9.9May 08 19LicenseRPMSRPMLibraries, includes, etc. to develop XML and HTML applications
libxml2-2.9.9May 08 19LicenseRPMSRPMLibrary providing XML and HTML support
gdb-8.1.1May 08 19LicenseRPMSRPMThe GNU gdb debugger
kubernetes-node-img-1.12.4 (7.2)May 08 19LicenseRPMSRPMImages for Kubernetes node.
kubelet-1.12.4 (7.2)May 08 19LicenseRPMSRPMThe node agent of Kubernetes, the container cluster manager.
cloudctl- (7.2)May 08 19LicenseRPM- IBM Cloud Private CLI
tar-1.32May 03 19LicenseRPMSRPMA GNU file archiving program.
bash-5.0May 03 19LicenseRPMSRPMThe GNU Bourne Again shell (bash) version 5.0
jansson-devel-2.11May 02 19LicenseRPMSRPMHeader files for jansson
jansson-2.11May 02 19LicenseRPMSRPMC library for encoding, decoding and manipulating JSON data
gdbm-devel-1.18.1May 02 19LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment libraries and header files for the gdbm library.
gdbm-1.18.1May 02 19LicenseRPMSRPMA GNU set of database routines which use extensible hashing.
emacs-nox-26.1May 02 19LicenseRPMSRPMThe Emacs text editor without support for the X Window System.
emacs-X11-26.1May 02 19LicenseRPMSRPMThe Emacs text editor for the X Window System.
emacs-26.1May 02 19LicenseRPMSRPMThe libraries needed to run the GNU Emacs text editor.
criwpar-0.2.0 (7.2)May 02 19LicenseRPM- Container Runtime Interface for WPARs
golang-bin-1.12 (7.2)May 02 19LicenseRPMSRPMGolang core compiler tools
golang-1.12 (7.2)May 02 19LicenseRPMSRPMThe Go Programming Language
jansson-devel-doc-2.11May 02 19LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment documentation for jansson
golang-tests-1.12May 02 19LicenseRPMSRPMGolang compiler tests for stdlib
golang-src-1.12May 02 19LicenseRPMSRPMGolang compiler source tree
golang-misc-1.12May 02 19LicenseRPMSRPMGolang compiler miscellaneous sources
apr-util-1.5.4Apr 16 19LicenseRPMSRPMApache Portable Runtime Utility library
python3-tools-3.7.3Apr 15 19LicenseRPMSRPMA collection of development tools included with Python.
python3-tkinter-3.7.3Apr 15 19LicenseRPMSRPMA graphical user interface for the Python scripting language.
python3-test-3.7.3Apr 15 19LicenseRPMSRPMThe test modules from the main python package
python3-docs-3.7.3Apr 15 19LicenseRPMSRPMDocumentation for the Python programming language
python3-devel-3.7.3Apr 15 19LicenseRPMSRPMThe libraries and header files needed for Python development.
python3-3.7.3Apr 15 19LicenseRPMSRPMAn interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language.
openblas-0.3.5Apr 15 19LicenseRPMSRPMAn optimized BLAS library based on GotoBLAS2
mod_ssl-2.4.38Apr 15 19LicenseRPMSRPMSSL/TLS module for the Apache HTTP server
mod_proxy_html-2.4.38Apr 15 19LicenseRPMSRPMProxy HTML filter modules for the Apache HTTP server
mod_lua-2.4.38Apr 15 19LicenseRPMSRPMLua language module for the Apache HTTP server
httpd-manual-2.4.38Apr 15 19LicenseRPMSRPMDocumentation for the Apache HTTP server.
httpd-devel-2.4.38Apr 15 19LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment tools for the Apache HTTP server.
httpd-2.4.38Apr 15 19LicenseRPMSRPMApache HTTP Server
apr-util-devel-1.5.4Apr 15 19LicenseRPMSRPMAPR utility library development kit
apr-devel-1.5.2Apr 15 19LicenseRPMSRPMAPR library development kit
apr-1.5.2Apr 15 19LicenseRPMSRPMApache Portable Runtime library
lbzip2-2.5Apr 11 19LicenseRPMSRPMFast, multi-threaded bzip2 utility
perl-Git-2.20.1Apr 11 19LicenseRPMSRPMPerl interface to Git
gitweb-2.20.1Apr 11 19LicenseRPMSRPMSimple web interface to git repositories
gitk-2.20.1Apr 11 19LicenseRPMSRPMGit revision tree visualiser
git-svn-2.20.1Apr 11 19LicenseRPMSRPMGit tools for importing Subversion repositories
git-gui-2.20.1Apr 11 19LicenseRPMSRPMGit GUI tool
git-email-2.20.1Apr 11 19LicenseRPMSRPMGit tools for sending email
git-daemon-2.20.1Apr 11 19LicenseRPMSRPMGit protocol dæmon
git-cvs-2.20.1Apr 11 19LicenseRPMSRPMGit tools for importing CVS repositories
git-arch-2.20.1Apr 11 19LicenseRPMSRPMGit tools for importing Arch repositories
git-2.20.1Apr 11 19LicenseRPMSRPMCore git tools
readline-devel-8.0Apr 08 19LicenseRPMSRPMFiles needed to develop programs which use the readline library
readline-8.0Apr 08 19LicenseRPMSRPMA library for editing typed command lines
expat-devel-2.2.6Apr 08 19LicenseRPMSRPMLibraries and header files to develop applications using expat
expat-2.2.6Apr 08 19LicenseRPMSRPMAn XML parser library
binutils-2.32Apr 08 19LicenseRPMSRPMThe GNU binutils development utilities
sudo_ids-1.8.27Mar 26 19LicenseRPMSRPMAllows restricted root access for specified users.
sudo-1.8.27Mar 26 19LicenseRPMSRPMAllows restricted root access for specified users.
kubectl-1.12.4 (7.2)Mar 26 19LicenseRPMSRPMCommand-line utility for interacting with a Kubernetes cluster.
icp-worker-3.1.2 (7.2)Mar 26 19LicenseRPMSRPMIBM Cloud Private AIX worker node
helm-2.9.1 (7.2)Mar 26 19LicenseRPMSRPMThe Kubernetes Package Manager
calicoctl-3.3.1 (7.2)Mar 26 19LicenseRPMSRPMCalico CLI tool
calico-node-3.3.1 (7.2)Mar 26 19LicenseRPMSRPMCloud native application connectivity and network policy
calico-cni-3.3.1 (7.2)Mar 26 19LicenseRPMSRPMCalico CNI plugin
mod_dav_svn-1.10.4Mar 18 19LicenseRPMSRPMApache server module for Subversion server
lemon-3.27.1Mar 18 19LicenseRPMSRPMA parser generator
subversion-tools-1.10.4Mar 16 19LicenseRPMSRPMTools for Subversion
subversion-devel-1.10.4Mar 16 19LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment package for the Subversion libraries
subversion-1.10.4Mar 16 19LicenseRPMSRPMA Concurrent Versioning system similar to but better than CVS.
stunnel-5.49Mar 16 19LicenseRPMSRPMAn SSL-encrypting socket wrapper
sqlite-doc-3.27.1Mar 16 19LicenseRPMSRPMDocumentation for sqlite
sqlite-devel-3.27.1Mar 16 19LicenseRPMSRPMHeader files and libraries for developing apps which will use sqlite.
sqlite-3.27.1Mar 16 19LicenseRPMSRPMLibrary that implements an embeddable SQL database engine
socat- 16 19LicenseRPMSRPMBidirectional data relay between two data channels ('netcat++')
python-tools-2.7.16Mar 16 19LicenseRPMSRPMA collection of development tools included with Python.
python-tkinter-2.7.16Mar 16 19LicenseRPMSRPMA graphical user interface for the Python scripting language.
python-test-2.7.16Mar 16 19LicenseRPMSRPMThe test modules from the main python package
python-docs-2.7.16Mar 16 19LicenseRPMSRPMDocumentation for the Python programming language
python-devel-2.7.16Mar 16 19LicenseRPMSRPMThe libraries and header files needed for Python development.
python-2.7.16Mar 16 19LicenseRPMSRPMAn interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language.
pbzip2-1.1.13Mar 16 19LicenseRPMSRPMParallel implementation of bzip2
curl-devel-7.64.0Mar 16 19LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment files for the curl libary
curl-7.64.0Mar 16 19LicenseRPMSRPMget a file from a FTP or HTTP server.
autogen-libopts-devel-5.18.16Mar 16 19LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment files for libopts
autogen-libopts-5.18.16Mar 16 19LicenseRPMSRPMAutomated option processing library based on autogen
autogen-5.18.16Mar 16 19LicenseRPMSRPMAutomated text file generator
yum-3.4.3Mar 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMRPM installer/updater
yum-utils-1.1.31Mar 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMUtilities based around the yum package manager
yum-plugin-versionlock-1.1.31Mar 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMYum plugin to lock specified packages from being updated
yum-plugin-verify-1.1.31Mar 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMYum plugin to add verify command, and options
yum-plugin-tsflags-1.1.31Mar 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMYum plugin to add tsflags by a commandline option
yum-plugin-tmprepo-1.1.31Mar 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMYum plugin to add temporary repositories
yum-plugin-show-leaves-1.1.31Mar 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMYum plugin which shows newly installed leaf packages
yum-plugin-rpm-warm-cache-1.1.31Mar 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMYum plugin to access the rpmdb files early to warm up access to the db
yum-plugin-remove-with-leaves-1.1.31Mar 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMYum plugin to remove dependencies which are no longer used because of a removal
yum-plugin-ps-1.1.31Mar 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMYum plugin to look at processes, with respect to packages
yum-plugin-protectbase-1.1.31Mar 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMYum plugin to protect packages from certain repositories.
yum-plugin-priorities-1.1.31Mar 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMplugin to give priorities to packages from different repos
yum-plugin-post-transaction-actions-1.1.31Mar 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMYum plugin to run arbitrary commands when certain pkgs are acted on
yum-plugin-merge-conf-1.1.31Mar 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMYum plugin to merge configuration changes when installing packages
yum-plugin-local-1.1.31Mar 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMYum plugin to automatically manage a local repo. of downloaded packages
yum-plugin-list-data-1.1.31Mar 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMYum plugin to list aggregate package data
yum-plugin-keys-1.1.31Mar 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMYum plugin to deal with signing keys
yum-plugin-filter-data-1.1.31Mar 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMYum plugin to list filter based on package data
yum-plugin-fastestmirror-1.1.31Mar 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMYum plugin which chooses fastest repository from a mirrorlist
yum-plugin-downloadonly-1.1.31Mar 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMYum plugin to add downloadonly command option
yum-plugin-changelog-1.1.31Mar 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMYum plugin for viewing package changelogs before/after updating
yum-plugin-basearchonly-1.1.31Mar 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMInstall only basearch packages on mutiarch systems.
yum-plugin-allowdowngrade-1.1.31Mar 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMYum plugin to enable manual downgrading of packages
yum-plugin-aliases-1.1.31Mar 13 19LicenseRPMSRPMYum plugin to enable aliases filters
lua-devel-5.3.4Mar 05 19LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment files for lua
lua-5.3.4Mar 05 19LicenseRPMSRPMPowerful light-weight programming language
libunistring-devel-0.9.9Mar 05 19LicenseRPMSRPMGNU Unicode string library - development files
libunistring-0.9.9Mar 05 19LicenseRPMSRPMGNU Unicode string library
libffi-devel-3.2.1Mar 05 19LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment files for libffi
libffi-3.2.1Mar 05 19LicenseRPMSRPMA portable foreign function interface library
guile-devel-2.2.0Mar 05 19LicenseRPMSRPMLibraries and header files for the GUILE extensibility library
guile-2.2.0Mar 05 19LicenseRPMSRPMA GNU implementation of Scheme for application extensibility
ghostscript-doc-9.25Mar 05 19LicenseRPMSRPMDocumentation for ghostscript.
ghostscript-devel-9.25Mar 05 19LicenseRPMSRPMFiles for developing applications that use ghostscript.
ghostscript-9.25Mar 05 19LicenseRPMSRPMA PostScript(TM) interpreter and renderer.
gc-devel-7.6.6Mar 05 19LicenseRPMSRPMLibraries and header files for gc development
gc-7.6.6Mar 05 19LicenseRPMSRPMA garbage collector for C and C++
bzip2-devel-1.0.6Mar 05 19LicenseRPMSRPMHeader files developing apps which will use bzip2
bzip2-1.0.6Mar 05 19LicenseRPMSRPMA file compression utility
ghostscript-fonts-8.11Mar 05 19LicenseRPMSRPMFonts for the GhostScript interpreter
sed-4.5Feb 15 19LicenseRPMSRPMA GNU stream text editor.
bison-3.0.5Feb 15 19LicenseRPMSRPMA GNU general-purpose parser generator.
ganglia-web-3.7.2Feb 03 19LicenseRPMSRPMGanglia Web Frontend
squid-4.4Feb 02 19LicenseRPMSRPMThe Squid proxy caching server.
rrdtool-tcl-1.7.0Feb 02 19LicenseRPMSRPMTcl RRDtool bindings
rrdtool-ruby-1.7.0Feb 02 19LicenseRPMSRPMRuby RRDtool bindings
rrdtool-python-1.7.0Feb 02 19LicenseRPMSRPMPython RRDtool bindings
rrdtool-perl-1.7.0Feb 02 19LicenseRPMSRPMPerl RRDtool bindings
rrdtool-lua-1.7.0Feb 02 19LicenseRPMSRPMLua RRDtool bindings
rrdtool-devel-1.7.0Feb 02 19LicenseRPMSRPMRRDtool static libraries and header files
rrdtool-cached-1.7.0Feb 02 19LicenseRPMSRPMData caching daemon for RRDtool
rrdtool-1.7.0Feb 02 19LicenseRPMSRPMRound Robin Database Tool to store and display time-series data
postgresql-test-10.6Feb 02 19LicenseRPMSRPMThe test suite distributed with PostgreSQL
postgresql-server-10.6Feb 02 19LicenseRPMSRPMThe programs needed to create and run a PostgreSQL server
postgresql-pltcl-10.6Feb 02 19LicenseRPMSRPMThe Tcl procedural language for PostgreSQL
postgresql-plpython-10.6Feb 02 19LicenseRPMSRPMThe Python procedural language for PostgreSQL
postgresql-plperl-10.6Feb 02 19LicenseRPMSRPMThe Perl procedural language for PostgreSQL
postgresql-libs-10.6Feb 02 19LicenseRPMSRPMThe shared libraries required for any PostgreSQL clients
postgresql-docs-10.6Feb 02 19LicenseRPMSRPMExtra documentation for PostgreSQL
postgresql-devel-10.6Feb 02 19LicenseRPMSRPMPostgreSQL development header files and libraries
postgresql-contrib-10.6Feb 02 19LicenseRPMSRPMContributed modules distributed with PostgreSQL
postgresql-10.6Feb 02 19LicenseRPMSRPMPostgreSQL client programs
libart_lgpl-devel-2.3.21Feb 02 19LicenseRPMSRPMLibraries and headers for libart_lgpl
libart_lgpl-2.3.21Feb 02 19LicenseRPMSRPMLibrary of graphics routines used by libgnomecanvas
tcpdump-4.9.2Jan 28 19LicenseRPMSRPMA tool for network monitoring and data acquisition.
tk-devel-8.6.8Jan 28 19LicenseRPMSRPMTk graphical toolkit development files
tk-8.6.8Jan 28 19LicenseRPMSRPMThe graphical toolkit for the Tcl scripting language
samba-winbind-krb5-locator-4.9.3Jan 28 19LicenseRPMSRPMSamba winbind krb5 locator
samba-winbind-devel-4.9.3Jan 28 19LicenseRPMSRPMDeveloper tools for the winbind library
samba-winbind-clients-4.9.3Jan 28 19LicenseRPMSRPMSamba winbind clients
samba-winbind-4.9.3Jan 28 19LicenseRPMSRPMSamba winbind
samba-test-libs-4.9.3Jan 28 19LicenseRPMSRPMLibraries need by the testing tools for Samba servers and clients
samba-test-4.9.3Jan 28 19LicenseRPMSRPMTesting tools for Samba servers and clients
samba-python-4.9.3Jan 28 19LicenseRPMSRPMSamba Python libraries
samba-pidl-4.9.3Jan 28 19LicenseRPMSRPMPerl IDL compiler
samba-libs-4.9.3Jan 28 19LicenseRPMSRPMSamba libraries
samba-devel-4.9.3Jan 28 19LicenseRPMSRPMDeveloper tools for Samba libraries
samba-common-4.9.3Jan 28 19LicenseRPMSRPMFiles used by both Samba servers and clients
samba-client-4.9.3Jan 28 19LicenseRPMSRPMSamba client programs
samba-4.9.3Jan 28 19LicenseRPMSRPMServer and Client software to interoperate with Windows machines
libsmbclient-devel-4.9.3Jan 28 19LicenseRPMSRPMDeveloper tools for the SMB client library
libsmbclient-4.9.3Jan 28 19LicenseRPMSRPMThe SMB client library
perl-5.28.1Jan 28 19LicenseRPMSRPMThe Perl programming language.
nping-0.7.60Jan 28 19LicenseRPMSRPMNping packet generator
nmap-7.60Jan 28 19LicenseRPMSRPMNetwork exploration tool and security scanner
ncat-7.60Jan 28 19LicenseRPMSRPMNmap's Netcat replacement
libpcap-devel-1.9.0Jan 28 19LicenseRPMSRPMLibraries and header files for the libpcap library
libpcap-1.9.0Jan 28 19LicenseRPMSRPMA system-independent interface for user-level packet capture
lapack-devel-3.8.0Jan 28 19LicenseRPMSRPMLAPACK development libraries
lapack-3.8.0Jan 28 19LicenseRPMSRPMThe LAPACK libraries for numerical linear algebra.
blas-3.8.0Jan 28 19LicenseRPMSRPMThe BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms) library.
coreutils-8.29Jan 28 19LicenseRPMSRPMThe GNU core utilities
clamav-devel-0.100.2Jan 28 19LicenseRPMSRPMHeader files and libraries for the Clam Antivirus scanner
clamav-0.100.2Jan 28 19LicenseRPMSRPMAntivirus Toolkit
xz-lzma-compat-5.2.4Jan 27 19LicenseRPMSRPMOlder LZMA format compatibility binaries
xz-libs-5.2.4Jan 27 19LicenseRPMSRPMLibraries for decoding LZMA compression
xz-devel-5.2.4Jan 27 19LicenseRPMSRPMDevel libraries and headers for liblzma
xz-5.2.4Jan 27 19LicenseRPMSRPMLZMA compression utilities
tcl-devel-8.6.8Jan 27 19LicenseRPMSRPMTcl scripting language development environment
tcl-8.6.8Jan 27 19LicenseRPMSRPMTcl scripting language development environment
pkg-config-0.29.2Jan 09 19LicenseRPMSRPMA tool for determining compilation options
ncurses-devel-6.1Jan 09 19LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment files for the ncurses library
ncurses-6.1Jan 09 19LicenseRPMSRPMA terminal handling library
logrotate-3.14.0Jan 08 19LicenseRPMSRPMRotates, compresses, removes and mails system log files
iftop-1.0pre4Jan 08 19LicenseRPMSRPMiftop does for network usage what top(1) does for CPU usage.
dbus-devel-doc-1.12.10Jan 08 19LicenseRPMSRPMDeveloper documentation package for D-Bus
dbus-devel-1.12.10Jan 08 19LicenseRPMSRPMDeveloper package for D-Bus
dbus-1.12.10Jan 08 19LicenseRPMSRPMD-Bus Message Bus System
patch-2.7.6Dec 09 18LicenseRPMSRPMThe GNU patch command, for modifying/upgrading files.
openldap-devel-2.4.46Dec 09 18LicenseRPMSRPMOpenLDAP development libraries and header files
openldap-2.4.46Dec 09 18LicenseRPMSRPMThe configuration files, libraries, and documentation for OpenLDAP
lzop-1.04Dec 09 18LicenseRPMSRPMReal-time file compressor
lzo-devel-2.10Dec 09 18LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment files for the lzo compression library.
lzo-2.10Dec 09 18LicenseRPMSRPMA real-time data compression library.
iperf3-devel-3.6Dec 09 18LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment files for iperf3
iperf3-3.6Dec 09 18LicenseRPMSRPMMeasurement tool for TCP/UDP bandwidth performance
dejagnu-1.6.1Dec 09 18LicenseRPMSRPMA front end for testing other programs.
ansible-2.7.0Dec 09 18LicenseRPMSRPMSSH-based configuration management, deployment, and task execution system
libstdc++-devel-8.1.0Nov 27 18LicenseRPMSRPMHeader files and libraries for C++ development
libstdc++-8.1.0Nov 27 18LicenseRPMSRPMGNU Standard C++ Library
libgomp-8.1.0 (7.2)Nov 27 18LicenseRPMSRPMGCC OpenMP 2.5 shared support library
libgcc-8.1.0 (7.2)Nov 27 18LicenseRPMSRPMGCC version 8.1.0 shared support library
gcc-gfortran-8.1.0 (7.2)Nov 27 18LicenseRPMSRPMFortran 95 support
gcc-cpp-8.1.0 (7.2)Nov 27 18LicenseRPMSRPMThe C Preprocessor
gcc-c++-8.1.0Nov 27 18LicenseRPMSRPMC++ support for GCC
gcc-8.1.0 (7.2)Nov 27 18LicenseRPMSRPMGNU Compiler Collection
gettext-devel- 26 18LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment files for gettext
gettext- 26 18LicenseRPMSRPMGNU libraries and utilities for producing multi-lingual messages.
bind-utils-9.12.2Nov 19 18LicenseRPMSRPMUtilities for querying DNS name servers
bind-lite-devel-9.12.2Nov 19 18LicenseRPMSRPMLite version of header files and libraries needed for BIND DNS development
bind-license-9.12.2Nov 19 18LicenseRPMSRPMLicense of the BIND DNS suite
bind-libs-lite-9.12.2Nov 19 18LicenseRPMSRPMLibraries for working with the DNS protocol
bind-libs-9.12.2Nov 19 18LicenseRPMSRPMLibraries used by the BIND DNS packages
bind-devel-9.12.2Nov 19 18LicenseRPMSRPMHeader files and libraries needed for BIND DNS development
bind-9.12.2Nov 19 18LicenseRPMSRPMThe Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) DNS (Domain Name System) server
sendmail-8.14.4Nov 12 18LicenseRPMSRPMBSD Sendmail
ruby-devel-2.5.1Nov 12 18LicenseRPMSRPMA Ruby development environment
ruby-2.5.1Nov 12 18LicenseRPMSRPMAn interpreter of object-oriented scripting language
kubernetes-node-1.10.0 (7.2)Oct 28 18LicenseRPMSRPMThe node agent of Kubernetes, the container cluster manager.
filebeat-5.5.1 (7.2)Oct 28 18LicenseRPMSRPMOpen source file harvester
etcdctl-3.3.2 (7.2)Oct 28 18LicenseRPMSRPMCommand-line client for etcd.
etcd-3.3.2 (7.2)Oct 28 18LicenseRPMSRPMDistributed reliable key-value store for the most critical data of a distributed system
jq-devel-1.5Oct 25 18LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment files for jq
jq-1.5Oct 25 18LicenseRPMSRPMA utility for determining file types
unrar-5.6.5Oct 04 18LicenseRPMSRPMExtract, test and view RAR archives
pcre-devel-8.42Oct 04 18LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment files for pcre
pcre-8.42Oct 04 18LicenseRPMSRPMPerl-compatible regular expression library
flex-2.6.4Oct 04 18LicenseRPMSRPMA tool for creating scanners (text pattern recognizers)
cvs-1.11.23Oct 04 18LicenseRPMSRPMA version control system
libstdc++-devel-6.3.0 (7.1)Sep 25 18LicenseRPMSRPMHeader files and libraries for C++ development
libstdc++-6.3.0 (7.1)Sep 25 18LicenseRPMSRPMGNU Standard C++ Library
libgomp-6.3.0 (7.1)Sep 25 18LicenseRPMSRPMGCC OpenMP 2.5 shared support library
libgcc-6.3.0 (7.1)Sep 25 18LicenseRPMSRPMGCC version 6.3.0 shared support library
gcc-gfortran-6.3.0 (7.1)Sep 25 18LicenseRPMSRPMFortran 95 support
gcc-cpp-6.3.0 (7.1)Sep 25 18LicenseRPMSRPMThe C Preprocessor
gcc-c++-6.3.0 (7.1)Sep 25 18LicenseRPMSRPMC++ support for GCC
gcc-6.3.0 (7.1)Sep 25 18LicenseRPMSRPMGNU Compiler Collection
mkfontscale-1.1.3Sep 24 18LicenseRPMSRPMUtility to create index of scalable font files for X
libfontenc-devel-1.1.3Sep 24 18LicenseRPMSRPMX.Org X11 libfontenc development package
libfontenc-1.1.3Sep 24 18LicenseRPMSRPMX.Org X11 libfontenc runtime library
libgo-devel-8.1.0 (7.2)Sep 22 18LicenseRPMSRPMGo development libraries
libgo-8.1.0 (7.2)Sep 22 18LicenseRPMSRPMGo runtime
gcc-go-8.1.0 (7.2)Sep 22 18LicenseRPMSRPMGo support
libstdc++-devel-6.3.0 (6.1)Sep 22 18LicenseRPMSRPMHeader files and libraries for C++ development
libstdc++-6.3.0 (6.1)Sep 22 18LicenseRPMSRPMGNU Standard C++ Library
libgomp-6.3.0 (6.1)Sep 22 18LicenseRPMSRPMGCC OpenMP 2.5 shared support library
libgcc-6.3.0 (6.1)Sep 22 18LicenseRPMSRPMGCC version 6.3.0 shared support library
gcc-gfortran-6.3.0 (6.1)Sep 22 18LicenseRPMSRPMFortran 95 support
gcc-cpp-6.3.0 (6.1)Sep 22 18LicenseRPMSRPMThe C Preprocessor
gcc-c++-6.3.0 (6.1)Sep 22 18LicenseRPMSRPMC++ support for GCC
gcc-6.3.0 (6.1)Sep 22 18LicenseRPMSRPMGNU Compiler Collection
db-devel-6.2.32Aug 28 18LicenseRPMSRPMC development files for the Berkeley DB (version 4) library
db-6.2.32Aug 28 18LicenseRPMSRPMThe Berkeley Database, the Open Source embedded database system
info-6.4Aug 27 18LicenseRPMSRPMA stand-alone TTY-based reader for GNU texinfo documentation.
libiconv-1.14Aug 23 18LicenseRPMSRPMCharacter set conversion library, portable iconv implementation
libRmath-static-3.5.1Aug 23 18LicenseRPMSRPMStatic R Standalone math library
libRmath-devel-3.5.1Aug 23 18LicenseRPMSRPMHeaders from the R Standalone math library
libRmath-3.5.1Aug 23 18LicenseRPMSRPMStandalone math library from the R project
R-devel-3.5.1Aug 23 18LicenseRPMSRPMFiles for development of R packages
R-3.5.1Aug 23 18LicenseRPMSRPMA language for data analysis and graphics
snappy-devel-1.1.3Aug 22 18LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment files for snappy
snappy-1.1.3Aug 22 18LicenseRPMSRPMA fast compressor/decompressor library
mongo-c-driver-libs-1.9.5Aug 22 18LicenseRPMSRPMShared libraries for mongo-c-driver
mongo-c-driver-devel-1.9.5Aug 22 18LicenseRPMSRPMHeader files and development libraries for mongo-c-driver
mongo-c-driver-1.9.5Aug 22 18LicenseRPMSRPMClient library written in C for MongoDB
libbson-devel-1.9.5Aug 22 18LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment files for libbson
libbson-1.9.5Aug 22 18LicenseRPMSRPMBuilding, parsing, and iterating BSON documents
gzip-1.8Aug 10 18LicenseRPMSRPMThe GNU data compression program.
glib2-devel-2.56.1Aug 10 18LicenseRPMSRPMA library of handy utility functions
glib2-2.56.1Aug 10 18LicenseRPMSRPMA library of handy utility functions
cyrus-sasl-devel-2.1.26Aug 02 18LicenseRPM- Development package for the cyrus-sasl
cyrus-sasl-2.1.26Aug 02 18LicenseRPMSRPMSimple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL).
vim-minimal-8.0Jul 30 18LicenseRPM- A minimal version of the VIM editor
vim-enhanced-8.0Jul 30 18LicenseRPM- A version of the VIM editor which includes recent enhancements
vim-common-8.0Jul 30 18LicenseRPM- The common files needed by any version of the VIM editor
vim-X11-8.0Jul 30 18LicenseRPM- The VIM version of the vi editor for the X Window System
python-pip-10.0.1Jul 30 18LicenseRPMSRPMTool for installing and managing Python packages.
krb5-workstation-1.16.1Jul 27 18LicenseRPMSRPMKerberos 5 programs for use on workstations
krb5-server-ldap-1.16.1Jul 27 18LicenseRPMSRPMThe LDAP storage plugin for the Kerberos 5 KDC
krb5-server-1.16.1Jul 27 18LicenseRPMSRPMThe KDC and related programs for Kerberos 5
krb5-pkinit-openssl-1.16.1Jul 27 18LicenseRPMSRPMThe PKINIT module for Kerberos 5
krb5-libs-1.16.1Jul 27 18LicenseRPMSRPMThe shared libraries used by Kerberos 5
krb5-devel-1.16.1Jul 27 18LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment files needed to compile Kerberos 5 programs
rsync-3.1.3Jul 18 18LicenseRPMSRPMA program for synchronizing files over a network.
python-pyzmq-16.0.2Jul 18 18LicenseRPMSRPMGeneral purpose template engine for python2
libgpg-error-devel-1.29Jul 02 18LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment files for the libgpg-error package
libgpg-error-1.29Jul 02 18LicenseRPMSRPMlibgpg-error
json-c-doc-0.13.1Jul 02 18LicenseRPMSRPMReference manual for json-c
json-c-devel-0.13.1Jul 02 18LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment headers and library for json-c
json-c-0.13.1Jul 02 18LicenseRPMSRPMA JSON implementation in C
zip-3.0Jun 29 18LicenseRPMSRPMA file compression and packaging utility compatible with PKZIP
pysqlite-2.8.3Jun 28 18LicenseRPMSRPMA DB API v2.0 compatible interface to SQLite 3.0
zsh-5.4.1Jun 20 18LicenseRPMSRPMA powerful interactive shell
libgcrypt-devel-1.8.2Jun 20 18LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment files for the libgcrypt package.
libgcrypt-1.8.2Jun 20 18LicenseRPMSRPMA general-purpose cryptography library.
hexedit-1.4.2Jun 20 18LicenseRPMSRPMA hexadecimal file viewer and editor.
mkisofs-3.01Jun 19 18LicenseRPMSRPMCreates an image of an ISO9660 filesystem.
cdrtools-devel-3.01Jun 19 18LicenseRPMSRPMThe libschily SCSI user level transport library.
cdrtools-3.01Jun 19 18LicenseRPMSRPMA command line CD/DVD recording program.
cdda2wav-3.01Jun 19 18LicenseRPMSRPMA utility for sampling/copying .wav files from digital audio CDs.
a2ps-4.13Jun 07 18LicenseRPMSRPMGNU a2ps is an Any to PostScript filter.
libXrender-devel-0.9.8Jun 06 18LicenseRPMSRPMX.Org X11 libXrender development package
libXrender-0.9.8Jun 06 18LicenseRPMSRPMX.Org X11 libXrender runtime library
libXft-devel-2.3.2Jun 06 18LicenseRPMSRPMX.Org X11 libXft development package
libXft-2.3.2Jun 06 18LicenseRPMSRPMX.Org X11 libXft runtime library
automake-1.16.1Jun 06 18LicenseRPMSRPMA GNU tool for automatically creating Makefiles.
serf-devel-1.3.9Apr 26 18LicenseRPMSRPMHeader files and libraries for developing apps which use serf.
serf-1.3.9Apr 26 18LicenseRPMSRPMHigh-Performance Asynchronous HTTP Client Library
libjpeg-devel-6bApr 26 18LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment tools for programs which will use the libjpeg library.
libjpeg-6bApr 26 18LicenseRPMSRPMA library for manipulating JPEG image format files.
cups-lpd-2.2.3Apr 26 18LicenseRPMSRPMCommon Unix Printing System - lpd emulation
cups-libs-2.2.3Apr 26 18LicenseRPMSRPMCommon Unix Printing System - libraries
cups-ipptool-2.2.3Apr 26 18LicenseRPMSRPMCommon Unix Printing System - tool for performing IPP requests
cups-devel-2.2.3Apr 26 18LicenseRPMSRPMCommon Unix Printing System - development environment
cups-client-2.2.3Apr 26 18LicenseRPMSRPMCUPS printing system - client programs
cups-2.2.3Apr 26 18LicenseRPMSRPMCommon Unix Printing System
libXcursor-devel-1.1.14Apr 18 18LicenseRPMSRPMX Cursor library headers
libXcursor-1.1.14Apr 18 18LicenseRPMSRPMX Cursor library
perl-Net-SMTP-SSL-1.04Apr 18 18LicenseRPMSRPMSSL support for Net
lynx-2.8.8Apr 18 18LicenseRPMSRPMA text-based Web browser.
gawk-4.2.0Apr 18 18LicenseRPMSRPMThe GNU version of the awk text processing utility.
unixODBC-devel-2.3.5Apr 13 18LicenseRPMSRPMIncludes and static libraries for ODBC development
unixODBC-2.3.5Apr 13 18LicenseRPMSRPMODBC driver manager and drivers for PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc.
nss-devel-3.34.1Apr 13 18LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment libraries for Network Security Services
nss-3.34.1Apr 13 18LicenseRPMSRPMNetwork Security Services
nspr-devel-4.17Apr 13 18LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment libraries for the Netscape Portable Runtime
nspr-4.17Apr 13 18LicenseRPMSRPMNetscape Portable Runtime
neon-devel-0.30.2Apr 13 18LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment libraries and C header files for the neon library
neon-0.30.2Apr 13 18LicenseRPMSRPMAn HTTP and WebDAV client library
python2-libxslt-1.1.32Apr 13 18LicenseRPMSRPMPython bindings for the libxslt library
libxslt-devel-1.1.32Apr 13 18LicenseRPMSRPMLibraries, includes, etc. to embed the GNOME XSLT engine
libxslt-1.1.32Apr 13 18LicenseRPMSRPMLibrary providing the GNOME XSLT engine
salt-syndic-2016.11.6Apr 06 18LicenseRPMSRPMMaster-of-master component for Salt, a parallel remote execution system
salt-ssh-2016.11.6Apr 06 18LicenseRPMSRPMAgentless SSH-based version of Salt, a parallel remote execution system
salt-minion-2016.11.6Apr 06 18LicenseRPMSRPMClient component for Salt, a parallel remote execution system
salt-master-2016.11.6Apr 06 18LicenseRPMSRPMManagement component for salt, a parallel remote execution system
salt-cloud-2016.11.6Apr 06 18LicenseRPMSRPMCloud provisioner for Salt, a parallel remote execution system
salt-api-2016.11.6Apr 06 18LicenseRPMSRPMREST API for Salt, a parallel remote execution system
salt-2016.11.6Apr 06 18LicenseRPMSRPMA parallel remote execution system
test-dummy-libs-1.1Apr 05 18LicenseRPMSRPMlibs dummpy package
test-dummy-devel-1.1Apr 05 18LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment Test packages for yum testing
test-dummy-1.1Apr 05 18LicenseRPMSRPMTest packages for yum testing
pth-devel-2.0.7Apr 05 18LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment headers and libraries for GNU Pth
pth-2.0.7Apr 05 18LicenseRPMSRPMThe GNU Portable Threads library
pinentry-1.0.0Apr 05 18LicenseRPMSRPMCollection of simple PIN or passphrase entry dialogs
libksba-devel-1.3.5Apr 05 18LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment headers and libraries for libksba
libksba-1.3.5Apr 05 18LicenseRPMSRPMX.509 library
libassuan-devel-2.4.3Apr 05 18LicenseRPMSRPMGnuPG IPC library
libassuan-2.4.3Apr 05 18LicenseRPMSRPMGnuPG IPC library
gnupg2-2.0.30Apr 05 18LicenseRPMSRPMA GNU utility for secure communication and data storage.
freetype2-devel-2.8Mar 28 18LicenseRPMSRPMFreeType development libraries and header files
freetype2-demos-2.8Mar 28 18LicenseRPMSRPMA collection of FreeType demos
freetype2-2.8Mar 28 18LicenseRPMSRPMA free and portable font rendering engine
dejavu-serif-fonts-2.37Mar 28 18LicenseRPMSRPMVariable-width serif font faces
dejavu-sans-mono-fonts-2.37Mar 28 18LicenseRPMSRPMMonospace sans-serif font faces
dejavu-sans-fonts-2.37Mar 28 18LicenseRPMSRPMVariable-width sans-serif font faces
dejavu-lgc-serif-fonts-2.37Mar 28 18LicenseRPMSRPMVariable-width serif font faces, Latin-Greek-Cyrillic subset
dejavu-lgc-sans-mono-fonts-2.37Mar 28 18LicenseRPMSRPMMonospace sans-serif font faces, Latin-Greek-Cyrillic subset
dejavu-lgc-sans-fonts-2.37Mar 28 18LicenseRPMSRPMVariable-width sans-serif font faces, Latin-Greek-Cyrillic subset
libdbi-devel-0.8.4Mar 19 18LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment files for libdbi (Database Independent Abstraction Layer for C)
libdbi-0.8.4Mar 19 18LicenseRPMSRPMDatabase Independent Abstraction Layer for C
bbcp- 19 18LicenseRPMSRPMSecurely and quickly copy data from source to target
ca-certificates-2017.07.17Mar 18 18LicenseRPMSRPMThe Mozilla CA root certificate bundle
wget-1.19.2Mar 04 18LicenseRPMSRPMA utility for retrieving files using the HTTP or FTP protocols
make-4.2.1Mar 04 18LicenseRPMSRPMA GNU tool which simplifies the build process for users
scons-2.5.1Feb 28 18LicenseRPMSRPMAn Open Source software construction tool
help2man-1.47.4Feb 26 18LicenseRPMSRPMCreate simple man pages from --help output
pango-devel-1.40.1Feb 23 18LicenseRPMSRPMSystem for layout and rendering of internationalized text
pango-1.40.1Feb 23 18LicenseRPMSRPMSystem for layout and rendering of internationalized text
libxcb-devel-1.12Feb 23 18LicenseRPMSRPMX.Org xcb library
libxcb-1.12Feb 23 18LicenseRPMSRPMX.Org xcb library
gtk2-immodules-2.24.30Feb 23 18LicenseRPMSRPMInput methods for GTK+
gtk2-immodule-xim-2.24.30Feb 23 18LicenseRPMSRPMXIM support for GTK+
gtk2-devel-docs-2.24.30Feb 23 18LicenseRPMSRPMDeveloper documentation for GTK+
gtk2-devel-2.24.30Feb 23 18LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment files for GTK+
gtk2-2.24.30Feb 23 18LicenseRPMSRPMThe GIMP ToolKit (GTK+), a library for creating GUIs for X
intltool-0.51.0Feb 23 18LicenseRPMSRPMInternationalization Tool Collection
shared-mime-info-1.6Feb 22 18LicenseRPMSRPMShared MIME information database
harfbuzz-devel-1.2.7Feb 22 18LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment files for harfbuzz
harfbuzz-1.2.7Feb 22 18LicenseRPMSRPMText shaping library
cairo-devel-1.14.6Feb 22 18LicenseRPMSRPMCairo developmental libraries and header files
cairo-1.14.6Feb 22 18LicenseRPMSRPMA vector graphics library
atk-devel-2.20.0Feb 22 18LicenseRPMSRPMFiles necessary to develop applications using ATK
atk-2.20.0Feb 22 18LicenseRPMSRPMInterfaces for accessibility support
gdk-pixbuf-devel-2.35.1Feb 21 18LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment files for gdk-pixbuf
gdk-pixbuf-2.35.1Feb 21 18LicenseRPMSRPMAn image loading library
texinfo-6.4Feb 05 18LicenseRPMSRPMTools needed to create Texinfo format documentation files.
rlwrap-0.42Feb 05 18LicenseRPMSRPMWrapper for GNU readline
screen-4.6.2Feb 01 18LicenseRPMSRPMA screen manager that supports multiple logins on one terminal
grep-3.1Jan 30 18LicenseRPMSRPMThe GNU versions of grep pattern matching utilities.
cscope-15.8bJan 30 18LicenseRPMSRPMC source file browser
findutils-4.6.0Jan 19 18LicenseRPMSRPMThe GNU versions of find utilities (find and xargs).
less-487Jan 18 18LicenseRPMSRPMA text file browser similar to more, but better
diffutils-3.6Jan 18 18LicenseRPMSRPMA GNU collection of diff utilities.
parallel-20170822Jan 16 18LicenseRPMSRPMA shell tool for executing jobs in parallel
ncftp-3.2.6Jan 16 18LicenseRPMSRPMAn improved FTP client.
gmp-devel-6.1.2Jan 16 18LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment tools for the GNU MP arbitrary precision library
gmp-6.1.2Jan 16 18LicenseRPMSRPMA GNU arbitrary precision library
libusb-1.0.19Nov 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMlibusb for AIX
slang-devel-2.3.1aNov 13 17LicenseRPMSRPMThe static library and header files for development using S-Lang.
slang-2.3.1aNov 13 17LicenseRPMSRPMThe shared library for the S-Lang extension language.
xproto-devel-7.0.28Nov 08 17LicenseRPMSRPMThe xproto header
expectk-5.45Nov 03 17LicenseRPMSRPMA program-script interaction and testing utility
expect-devel-5.45Nov 03 17LicenseRPMSRPMA program-script interaction and testing utility
expect-5.45Nov 03 17LicenseRPMSRPMA program-script interaction and testing utility
zeromq-devel-4.1.6Oct 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment files for zeromq
zeromq-4.1.6Oct 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMSoftware library for fast, message-based applications
tkinter-2.7.13Oct 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMA graphical user interface for the Python scripting language.
python-tornado-doc-4.5.1Oct 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMExamples for python-tornado
python-tornado-4.5.1Oct 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMScalable, non-blocking web server and tools
python-msgpack-0.4.8Oct 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMA Python MessagePack (de)serializer
net-snmp-utils-5.7.3Oct 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMNetwork management utilities using SNMP, from the NET-SNMP project
net-snmp-perl-5.7.3Oct 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMThe perl NET-SNMP module and the mib2c tool
net-snmp-devel-5.7.3Oct 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMThe development environment for the NET-SNMP project
net-snmp-5.7.3Oct 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMA collection of SNMP protocol tools and libraries
m4-1.4.17Oct 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMThe GNU macro processor.
python-jinja2-2.9.6Oct 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMGeneral purpose template engine for python2
python-unittest2-1.1.0Oct 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMThe new features in unittest for Python 2.7 backported to Python 2.3+.
python-sphinx-1.1.3Oct 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMPython documentation generator
python-singledispatch- 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMThis library brings functools.singledispatch from Python 3.4 to Python 2.6-3.3
python-pytest-3.1.3Oct 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMSimple powerful testing with Python
python-pytest-timeout-1.2.0Oct 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMBetter living through Python with decorators
python-pygments-2.2.0Oct 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMSyntax highlighting engine written in Python
python-py-1.4.26Oct 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMLibrary with cross-python path, ini-parsing, io, code, log facilities
python-pluggy-0.4.0Oct 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMBetter living through Python with decorators
python-libcloud-2.1.0Oct 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMA Python library to address multiple cloud provider APIs
python-hypothesis-3.4.0Oct 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMA library for property based testing
python-enum34-1.1.6Oct 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMBackport of Python 3.4 Enum
python-docutils-0.13.1Oct 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMDocutils -- Python Documentation Utilities
python-decorator-4.1.2Oct 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMBetter living through Python with decorators
python-cherrypy-10.2.0Oct 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMPythonic, object-oriented web development framework
python-backports_abc-0.5Oct 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMA backport of recent additions to the module
python-argcomplete-1.8.2Oct 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMBetter living through Python with decorators
python-dateutil-2.6.0Sep 25 17LicenseRPMSRPMExtensions to the standard Python datetime module
createrepo-0.10.3Sep 25 17LicenseRPMSRPMCreates a common metadata repository
libtool-ltdl-devel-2.4.6Jul 27 17LicenseRPMSRPMTools needed for development using the GNU Libtool Dynamic Module Loader
libtool-ltdl-2.4.6Jul 27 17LicenseRPMSRPMRuntime libraries for GNU Libtool Dynamic Module Loader
libtool-2.4.6Jul 27 17LicenseRPMSRPMThe GNU libtool, which simplifies the use of shared libraries.
p11-kit-tools-0.23.2Jul 12 17LicenseRPMSRPMLibrary to work with PKCS#11 modules -- Tools
p11-kit-devel-0.23.2Jul 12 17LicenseRPMSRPMLibrary to work with PKCS#11 modules -- Development Files
p11-kit-0.23.2Jul 12 17LicenseRPMSRPMLibrary to work with PKCS#11 modules
libtasn1-tools-4.9Jul 12 17LicenseRPMSRPMSome ASN.1 tools
libtasn1-devel-4.9Jul 12 17LicenseRPMSRPMFiles for development of applications which will use libtasn1
libtasn1-4.9Jul 12 17LicenseRPMSRPMThis is the ASN.1 library used in GNUTLS
unzip-6.0Jun 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMUnpacks ZIP files such as those made by pkzip under DOS
sshpass-1.06Jun 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMNon-interactive SSH authentication utility
python-pycrypto-2.6.1Jun 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMCryptographic modules for Python
python-paramiko-1.7.6Jun 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMA SSH2 protocol library for python
python-markupsafe-1.0Jun 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMImplements a XML/HTML/XHTML Markup safe string for Python
python-coverage-3.7Jun 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMCode coverage measurement for Python
python-boto3-1.2.3Jun 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMCode coverage measurement for Python
python-s3transfer-0.1.10Jun 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMS3transfer is a Python library for managing Amazon S3 transfers
python-pyasn1-0.2.3Jun 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMASN.1 types and codecs
python-passlib-1.7.1Jun 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMcomprehensive password hashing framework supporting over 30 schemes
python-nose-1.3.0Jun 30 17LicenseRPM- nose extends unittest to make testing easier
python-mock-1.0.1Jun 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMA Python Mocking and Patching Library for Testing
python-keyczar-0.716Jun 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMToolkit for safe and simple cryptography
python-jmespath-0.9.2Jun 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMA low-level interface to a growing number of Amazon Web Services
python-httplib2-0.9.2Jun 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMA comprehensive HTTP client library.
python-cryptography-1.8.1Jun 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMA small but fast and easy to use stand-alone template engine written in pure python.
python-botocore-1.5.38Jun 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMLow-level, data-driven core of boto 3
python-babel-0.9.6Jun 30 17LicenseRPMSRPMInternationalization utilities
jbigkit-libs-2.1Jun 28 17LicenseRPMSRPMJBIG1 lossless image compression library
jbigkit-devel-2.1Jun 28 17LicenseRPMSRPMJBIG1 lossless image compression library -- development files
jbigkit-2.1Jun 28 17LicenseRPMSRPMJBIG1 lossless image compression tools
cpio-2.12Jun 27 17LicenseRPMSRPMA GNU archiving program
cloud-init-0.7.5Jun 19 17LicenseRPMSRPMCloud node initialization tool
libpng-devel-1.6.27May 24 17LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment tools for programs to manipulate PNG image format files
libpng-1.6.27May 24 17LicenseRPMSRPMA library of functions for manipulating PNG image format files
yum-metadata-parser-1.1.4Feb 24 17LicenseRPMSRPMA fast metadata parser for yum
zlib-devel-1.2.11Feb 15 17LicenseRPMSRPMHeader files and libraries for developing apps which will use zlib.
zlib-1.2.11Feb 15 17LicenseRPMSRPMThe zlib compression and decompression library.
pixman-devel-0.34.0Jan 12 17LicenseRPMSRPMPixel manipulation library development package
pixman-0.34.0Jan 12 17LicenseRPMSRPMPixel manipulation library
tla-1.3.4Dec 08 16LicenseRPMSRPMGNU arch revision control system
perl-Authen-SASL-2.16Dec 08 16LicenseRPMSRPMSASL Authentication framework for Perl
inputproto-devel-2.2Dec 08 16LicenseRPMSRPMX11 prototype headers for input devices
cvsps-2.2b1Dec 08 16LicenseRPMSRPMPatchset tool for CVS
python-swiftclient-3.0.0Nov 19 16LicenseRPMSRPMPython Swift client API and command-line script.
python-six-1.10.0Sep 14 16LicenseRPMSRPMPython 2 and 3 compatibility utilities
python-pbr-1.10.0Sep 14 16LicenseRPMSRPMPBR is a library that injects some useful behaviors into setuptools
python-futures-3.0.5Sep 14 16LicenseRPMSRPMBackport of the concurrent.futures package from Python 3.2
libXdmcp-devel-1.1.2Sep 01 16LicenseRPMSRPMX.Org Xdmcp library
libXdmcp-1.1.2Sep 01 16LicenseRPMSRPMX.Org Xdmcp library
xcb-proto-1.12Aug 31 16LicenseRPMSRPMXCB protocol descriptions
tightvnc-server-1.3.10Aug 31 16LicenseRPMSRPMTightVNC server
tightvnc-1.3.10Aug 31 16LicenseRPMSRPMA remote display system.
renderproto-0.11.1Aug 31 16LicenseRPMSRPMX.Org X11 Protocol renderproto
libpthread-stubs-devel-0.3Aug 31 16LicenseRPMSRPMDevel package for libpthread-stubs
libpthread-stubs-0.3Aug 31 16LicenseRPMSRPMThis library provides weak aliases for pthread functions not provided in libc
libXau-devel-1.0.8Aug 31 16LicenseRPMSRPMX.Org Xau library
libXau-1.0.8Aug 31 16LicenseRPMSRPMX.Org Xau library
python-deltarpm-3.6Aug 28 16LicenseRPMSRPMPython bindings for deltarpm
drpmsync-3.6Aug 28 16LicenseRPMSRPMSync a file tree with deltarpms
deltarpm-3.6Aug 28 16LicenseRPMSRPMCreate deltas between rpms
deltaiso-3.6Aug 28 16LicenseRPMSRPMCreate deltas between isos containing rpms
python-xml-0.8.4Aug 22 16LicenseRPMSRPMXML libraries for python
python-pyserial-2.7Aug 22 16LicenseRPMSRPMPython serial port access library
python-cheetah-2.4.4Aug 22 16LicenseRPMSRPMTemplate engine and code generator
python-PyYAML-3.11Aug 22 16LicenseRPMSRPMYAML parser and emitter for Python
libyaml-devel-0.1.4Aug 22 16LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment files for LibYAML applications
libyaml-0.1.4Aug 22 16LicenseRPMSRPMYAML 1.1 parser and emitter written in C
fdupes-1.51Aug 22 16LicenseRPMSRPMFinds duplicate files in a given set of directories
python-setuptools-devel-0.9.8Aug 22 16LicenseRPMSRPMDownload, install, upgrade, and uninstall Python packages
python-setuptools-0.9.8Aug 22 16LicenseRPMSRPMEasily download, build, install, upgrade, and uninstall Python packages
python-requests-2.4.3Aug 22 16LicenseRPMSRPMHTTP library, written in Python, for human beings
python-prettytable-0.7.2Aug 22 16LicenseRPMSRPMA simple Python library for easily displaying tabular data in a visually appealing ASCII table format
python-oauth-1.0.1Aug 22 16LicenseRPMSRPMLibrary for OAuth version 1.0a
python-jsonpointer-1.0Aug 22 16LicenseRPMSRPMIdentify specific nodes in a JSON document (RFC 6901)
python-jsonpatch-1.8Aug 22 16LicenseRPMSRPMApplying JSON Patches in Python
python-configobj-5.0.5Aug 22 16LicenseRPMSRPMConfig file reading, writing and validation.
python-boto-2.34.0Aug 22 16LicenseRPMSRPMA simple, lightweight interface to Amazon Web Services
python-argparse-1.2.1Aug 22 16LicenseRPMSRPMHTTP library, written in Python, for human beings
gnuit-4.3.20Aug 11 16LicenseRPMSRPMA set of GNU Interactive Tools.
urw-fonts-2.0Aug 05 16LicenseRPMSRPMFree versions of the 35 standard PostScript fonts.
smake-1.3.2Aug 05 16LicenseRPMSRPMSMake -- Makefile generator.
python-urlgrabber-3.10.1Aug 05 16LicenseRPMSRPMA high-level cross-protocol url-grabber
python-iniparse-0.4Aug 05 16LicenseRPMSRPMPython Module for Accessing and Modifying Configuration Data in INI files
openCIMOM-0.8Aug 05 16LicenseRPMSRPMThe SNIA CIMOM (Common Information Model Object Manager)
docbookx-4.1.2Aug 05 16LicenseRPMSRPMXML document type definition for DocBook 4.1.2
autoconf213-2.13Aug 05 16LicenseRPMSRPMA GNU tool for automatically configuring source code.
autoconf-2.69Aug 05 16LicenseRPMSRPMA GNU tool for automatically configuring source code.
ptpd-2.3.1May 13 16LicenseRPMSRPMThe Precision Time Protocol Daemon (ptpd)
mpfr-devel-3.1.2May 07 16LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment tools A C library for mpfr library
mpfr-3.1.2May 07 16LicenseRPMSRPMA C library for multiple-precision floating-point computations
libmpc-devel-1.0.3May 07 16LicenseRPMSRPMHeader and shared development libraries for MPC
libmpc-1.0.3May 07 16LicenseRPMSRPMC library for multiple precision complex arithmetic
bash-doc-4.3.30Apr 20 16LicenseRPM- Documentation for the GNU Bourne Again shell (bash).
libpaper-devel-1.1.24Apr 19 16LicenseRPMSRPMHeaders/Libraries for developing programs that use libpaper
libpaper-1.1.24Apr 19 16LicenseRPMSRPMLibrary and tools for handling papersize
popt-1.16Feb 19 15LicenseRPMSRPMC library for parsing command line parameters
xft-2.1.6Aug 25 13LicenseRPMSRPMX Font Rendering library
glib-devel-1.2.10Aug 25 13LicenseRPMSRPMThe GIMP ToolKit (GTK+) and GIMP Drawing Kit (GDK) support library.
glib-1.2.10Aug 25 13LicenseRPMSRPMA library of handy utility functions.
bc-1.06Aug 25 13LicenseRPMSRPMGNU's bc (a numeric processing language) and dc (a calculator).
Xaw3d-devel-1.5Jun 20 11LicenseRPM- Header files and static libraries for development using Xaw3d.
Xaw3d-1.5Jun 20 11LicenseRPM- A version of the MIT Athena widget set for X.
cdrecord-devel-1.9May 10 11LicenseRPMSRPMThe libschily SCSI user level transport library.
cdrecord-1.9May 10 11LicenseRPMSRPMA command line CD/DVD recording program.
libtiff-devel-3.8.2Mar 03 09LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment tools for programs which will use the libtiff library.
libtiff-3.8.2Mar 03 09LicenseRPMSRPMA library of functions for manipulating TIFF format image files.
vnc-3.3.3r2Dec 08 06LicenseRPMSRPMVirtual Network Computing
prngd-0.9.29Jul 06 05LicenseRPMSRPMPseudo Random Number Generator Daemon
tcsh-6.11Feb 02 05LicenseRPMSRPMAn enhanced version of csh, the C shell.
libungif-progs-4.1.2Nov 18 04LicenseRPMSRPMPrograms for manipulating GIF format image files.
libungif-devel-4.1.2Nov 18 04LicenseRPMSRPMDevelopment tools for programs which will use the libungif library.
libungif-4.1.2Nov 18 04LicenseRPMSRPMA library for manipulating GIF format image files.
mutt- 01 04LicenseRPMSRPMA text mode mail user agent.
splint- 10 04LicenseRPMSRPMAn implementation of the lint program
MySQL-devel-3.23.58May 13 04LicenseRPMSRPMMySQL - Development header files and libraries
MySQL-client-3.23.58May 13 04LicenseRPMSRPMMySQL - Client
MySQL-3.23.58May 13 04LicenseRPMSRPMA very fast and reliable SQL database engine
which-2.14Mar 01 04LicenseRPMSRPMDisplays where a particular program in your path is located.
proftpd-1.2.8Mar 01 04LicenseRPMSRPMProFTPD -- Professional FTP Server.
zoo-2.10Feb 25 04LicenseRPMSRPMfile archiving utility with compression
rcs-5.7Feb 25 04LicenseRPMSRPMRevision Control System (RCS) file version management tools.
indent-2.2.7Aug 13 03LicenseRPMSRPMA GNU program for formatting C code.
trueprint-5.3Jun 09 03LicenseRPMSRPMPrints the source files in PostScript
traceroute-1.4a12Jun 09 03LicenseRPMSRPMTraces the route taken by packets over a TCP/IP network.
sharutils-4.2.1Jun 09 03LicenseRPMSRPMThe GNU shar utilities for packaging and unpackaging shell archives.
rdist-6.1.5Jun 09 03LicenseRPMSRPMMaintains identical copies of files on multiple machines
procmail-3.21Jun 09 03LicenseRPMSRPMThe procmail mail processing program.
mpage-2.5Jun 09 03LicenseRPMSRPMA tool for printing multiple pages of text on each printed page.
metamail-2.7Jun 09 03LicenseRPMSRPMA program for handling multimedia mail using the mailcap file.
mawk-1.3.3Jun 09 03LicenseRPMSRPMAn interpreter for the awk programming language.
libPropList-0.10.1Jun 09 03LicenseRPMSRPMlibrary for reading/writing GNUstep-style defaults databases
ftpcopy-0.3.9Jun 09 03LicenseRPMSRPMA mirroring tool.
fetchmailconf-5.9.10Jun 09 03LicenseRPMSRPMA GUI configurator for generating fetchmail configuration files
fetchmail-5.9.10Jun 09 03LicenseRPMSRPMFull-featured POP/IMAP mail retrieval daemon
enscript-1.6.1Jun 09 03LicenseRPMSRPMA plain ASCII to PostScript converter.
elm-2.5.6Jun 09 03LicenseRPMSRPMThe elm mail user agent.
ElectricFence-2.2.2Jun 09 03LicenseRPMSRPMA debugger which detects memory allocation violations.

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