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Master the latest Db2 technologies

IBM Db2 educational resources help data professionals improve their proficiency in the Db2 relational database management system. Resources include a range of Db2 tutorials, trainings, certifications and badges to help both beginners and advanced users optimize IBM Db2 and better aggregate different data sets and data types. Learn the latest in DB2 technologies and gain valuable skills to advance your career.

No-cost resources

Learn Db2 free using Db2 Lite tier, Coursera and other partners.

Coursera: SQL for Data Science with Python

Acquire an understanding of data storage, processing and access from the ground up. This course is perfect for beginners looking to understand data engineering foundations.

Coursera: Intro to Relational Databases

Learn to analyze data within a database using SQL and Python. This course is great for new SQL users who want strong foundational knowledge.

Coursera: Data Warehousing and BI Analytics

Learn about data repositories like data marts, data lakes and data reservoirs to understand their utility and optimize their features.

IBM Cloud Lite

Get access to our free IBM Db2 on Cloud Lite tier, where users can enter data and test out features.

Cognitive Class

Try Cognitive Class to engage with and learn about our relational database offerings.

Db2 11.5: Quickstart for Relational Databases

Take the Quickstart for Relational Databases course as a supplement to Db2 11.5 Foundations and master the underlying principles of relational database management.

Paid courseware LearnQuest Courses

LearnQuest, one of IBM’s primary education development partners, provides comprehensive Db2 fundamentals courses, as well as other specialized skills courses to help data professionals level up their Db2 expertise.

Take the Db2 exam and earn a badge

IBM and IDUG have partnered to provide Db2 users the opportunity to validate their skills and earn a badge and/or certification. Typically, certification exams are available exclusively at IDUG Conferences. This platform gives users access to certification opportunities outside of IDUG events as well.

These exams are open to anyone who wants a badge in IBM Db2 for Linux, UNIX and Microsoft Windows. To sign up, purchase an exam through the IDUG website, nominate a proctor, and take the exam at the recommended IDUG or RDUG event.

If you take an exam outside of an official event, you will have to nominate your own proctor. For guidance on this process, go to your exam’s landing page and follow the steps in the “Process” section.

Access IDUG certifications Db2 11.5 Foundations Exam

Data professionals can take this exam to validate their grasp of concepts, like basic Db2 SQL, database management, and security.

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Db2 11.5 Administration Exam

This exam focuses on database administrator skills, including proficiency in advanced SQL and database server management.

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Db2 11.5 Advanced Database Design and Application Development Exam

Database professionals will be tested on their knowledge of Db2 database design, tablespaces, app development and DBA tools.

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Db2 11.5 Advanced Db2 Tuning and Debugging Exam

This exam is designed to validate your expertise in Db2 performance tuning, problem determination and workload management.

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Db2 11.5 Advanced Database Resilience Exam

Data professionals can take this exam to demonstrate their understanding of Db2 HADR, backup, recovery, and roll forward.

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