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Commonwealth of Virginia VASCUPP CONTRACT

The IBM information on this site is specific to your contract UVA682546.

This contract is amended to expand from it's original intent of utilization by the following entities only:

Members of the Virginia Association of State College and University Purchasing Professionals (VASCUPP), and all other Commonwealth of Virginia public institutions of of higher education (to include four-year, two-year and community colleges), City of Charlottesville, and the County of Albemarle, as follows:

It is the intent of this Agreement to allow for co-ooperative procurement. Accordingly, any public body, public or private health or educational institution, or any University related foundation may access the Agreement if authorized by the Selected Firm.

Products & Pricing

Servers, Storage & Systems Software

This contract includes the IBM Server/Storage/Mainframe product portfolio and their complimentary components such as racks, power supplies, and operating system software.

NCPA 01-67 IBM POWER and Storage Systems for NCPA (XLSX, 4.2 MB)
NCPA 01-67 IBM zSystems for NCPA (XLSX, 11 KB)

Product and Services specifications:

Power Systems and Services
IBM Z and Services
Storage Options and Services
Warranty Information


Software Price Files:

Prices reflect list price and this contract’s discounts per unit of one (1). Please check with IBM or an approved IBM Business Partner to learn more about discounts for volume or establishing standard configurations.

download icon   IBM Z SW - OTC/ALC (XLSX, 42.7 KB)

download icon  SLED Distributed Software (XLSX, 792 KB)

download icon   IBM Z SW - MLC (XLSX, 46 KB)

download icon  IBM Content Manager OnDemand AFP2PDF Option (XLSX, 12 KB)

download icon  SLED Distributed Subscription Software (XLSX, 240 KB)

Maintenance and Services

NCPA 01-67 contract includes Maintenance and related services including ITS. IBM offers maintenance on all IBM products. Products on the attached price lists include a discount. All other products are offered at standard list price or at individually negotiated prices

download icon  IBM Maintenance for NCPA Contract (XLSX, 3.3 MB)

download icon  IBM Expert Care (XLSX, 349 KB)

pdf icon  IBM X-Force Ransomware Response and Intelligence Service (61 KB)

download icon  IBM IT Professional Services for NCPA (21 KB)

download icon  IBM Z Maintenance (XLSX, 1.2 MB)

Cloud Offerings

IBM Cloud offers the most open and secure public cloud platform for business, a next-generation hybrid multi-cloud platform, advanced data and AI capabilities, and deep enterprise expertise. Learn how IBM Cloud solutions can help your organization.

Contract Details

Contract terms and conditions

The IBM VASCUPP contract and related services consist of contract number UVA682546-PAC and associated amendments. Third party products are specifically excluded. Additional contract detail can be found on the VASCUPP contracts site.

Always review the product and services listed for this contract before ordering.

Always place the contract number (UVA682546-PAC) on the Purchase Order in order to invoke the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Contract Information

IBM & Partner Contacts

Questions, Quotes & Orders from IBM

When buying direct from IBM, the Purchase Order is made out to IBM Corporation who will fulfill and invoice the Purchasing Entity. The Purchase Order must include the contract number to be considered invoking the terms and conditions of the contract. The PO may be emailed to or mailed to: IBM Corporation Contracts Team, 6303 Barfield Rd NE, Sandy Springs, GA 30328. Payments should be remitted to the address which will appear on your IBM invoice or to: IBM Corporation, PO Box 676673, Dallas, TX 75267-6673.

Quotes & Orders from IBM Authorized Business Partners

Under IBM's State Contract Reseller program, the Purchase Order is made out to the authorized Business Partner who will fulfill and invoice the Purchasing Entity. Payments for the order are made directly to the Business Partner. The Purchase Order must include the contract number in order to be considered invoking the terms and conditions of this contract. The Business Partner will transfer Risk of Loss and Title to the IBM products to the customer in accordance with the contract terms. The Business Partners are only permitted to fulfill with the IBM or IBM branded products and services permitted by this contract. Third party products and any Business Partner services are specifically excluded.

Only the Business Partners listed below have completed IBM’s criteria to participate in the IBM State Contract Reseller program and are eligible to resell using this contract.