Companies face many hurdles in their journey of experience transformation, including data governance, technological complexity and organizational misalignment. To compete and win in this era, companies need to make customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) strategic priorities and unite the organization to fully execute.

Competitive advantage


“Experience is becoming the future of business. Organizations that meet this challenge are more likely to be leaders in the marketplace.”

— Matt Candy, Global Managing Partner, IBM iX


revenue growth in two years for customer experience-focused companies¹


of firms say tech limits inhibit their ability to personalize strategies²


Drive human-centered business transformation with design

To meet ever-growing customer expectations, many organizations are adopting a design-led approach to CX transformation. IBM Consulting™ takes this a step further with its approach to Business Design, which focuses not just on user experience but on business outcomes and broader cultural concerns, to create value while benefiting customers and society at large.


of design-focused businesses see more revenue generation¹


revenue growth rate premium seen by these businesses¹


“Now, what is good design? In IBM, we have always felt that good design must serve people. In short, we think good design is good business.”

— Thomas J. Watson, Jr.



“Customers’ interactions with a brand all provide opportunities for data capture, but you need to be strategic to ensure you’re collecting the right information and protecting their sensitive personal data.”

— Rich Berkman, Global Digital Commerce Lead, IBM iX


Tackle technology complexity to free up innovation

Organizations can struggle to keep up with technology modernization and with reconciling what has often been adopted in piecemeal fashion. By simplifying their technology landscape, they free up employees to focus on innovation, growth, and experience transformation.

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of organizations struggle with various platform requirements¹
have siloed data sources and lack of transparency¹


Addressing technical complexity — investing in cloud-based platforms — enables more agile CX innovation.

New ways of working

Overcoming organizational obstacles

Organizational complexity can also hinder transformation. CX strategy must span the enterprise, as it requires cross-functional collaboration to execute. Open and intelligent workflows that connect stakeholders across functions are also critical to break down silos and share a common vision.

Person video chatting with another person seen on a monitor
increase in business productivity when using Salesforce workflows³
enhanced employee satisfaction³
increased customer satisfaction³


“Internal cultural transformation is vital. Organizational culture — just like CX — can be revolutionized through design-led, agile ways of working.”

— Billy Seabrook, Global Chief Design Officer, IBM iX

Next steps


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