Payments services and consulting

The IBM Payments Centerâ„¢ (IPC) can help accelerate your payments modernization initiatives, including industry expertise in payments consulting and services, and business process outsourcing with our Payments-as-a-Service (PaaS) platform.

Outsourcing payments services

The Payments-as-a-Service options include automated clearing house (ACH), automated funds transfer (AFT), checks, wires and real-time payments. Outsourcing your payments can help lower your cost of operations and improve margins.

Low value

Low-value payments types include ACH and AFT, from payment initiation and receipt and API user interface, to delivery and receiving with clearing and settlement mechanisms. A Checks-as-a-Service solution is available for countries using checks.

High value

High-value payment types include wire payments processing. The IPC manages end-to-end processing of payment messages, including integration with foreign exchange (FX) services, SWIFT, core banking applications, and domestic messaging and clearing systems.

Real time

Real-time payments are becoming the target payment type for many payments systems. Yet, FIs may face barriers in adopting real-time payments using their existing infrastructures. The IPC offers capabilities such as instant processing and posting mechanisms that can help.

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