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Flexibly orchestrate your people, process, data and technology to efficiently deliver outcomes that future-proof your business

  1. Explore the benefits of building intelligent supply chains
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    Enable intelligent growth across workstreams

    In order to succeed with digital transformation, modern businesses must integrate their processes across organizational boundaries and existing systems. Partnering with businesses like Boston Dynamics and Chemonics to create intelligent workflows, we combine our expertise, internal and external data, and powerful AI technologies to transform your operations.

    Modern business insights

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    Building agile supply chainsReinvent supply chains not just to lower costs, but to transform your business
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    Hybrid cloud development and management

    The right hybrid cloud architecture can help you enable teams across your business to realize up to 70% cost savings, 88% reduction in time-spent and up to 40% in productivity gains.¹

    Finance consulting and outsourcing

    IBM Consulting™ works to find, connect and analyze your data, processes and applications to uncover meaningful innovations that inform better decision making.

    Procurement consulting and outsourcing

    From supplier sourcing to accounts payable, IBM Consulting transforms your procurement organization with intelligent workflows that create new value.

    Supply chain consulting

    Modern leaders are rethinking traditional ways of working, where the greatest threat in navigating supply chain disruption is acting with yesterday’s logic. IBM Consulting builds resilient, agile and sustainable supply chains of the future.

    Strategic partnershipsAn Adobe Workfront Partner of the Year

    Our award-winning enterprise work management experts help you foster collaboration, ensure compliance, reduce time to market and improve delivery and resource utilization with Adobe Workfront.

    Learn about our services for Workfront Learn to align priorities with Workfront (1.1 MB)
    Streamline processes with Celonis

    IBM and Celonis accelerate the path to digital transformation with data migration support and rapid, data-driven process insights that enable enterprise clients to reimagine operating models.

    Read about our partnership with Celonis (1.9 MB)Read about process mining and workflows
    Modernize applications on IBM Cloud

    Containerize and secure applications on IBM Cloud, and extend IBM Cloud using IBM Cloud Satellite to deploy and run apps consistently across on-premise, edge computing and public cloud environments.

    Learn more about IBM Cloud Read how an airline uses IBM Cloud
    Oracle finance transformation

    IBM delivers the future of finance, enabling finance teams to lead digital transformation, support automation, become true business partners and improve agility across organizational boundaries.

    Learn about our services for Oracle Read the Cognitive Enterprise flyer (341 KB)
    Co-create innovative experiences

    Together with Salesforce, we create more than business value. We create progress and human-centered experiences for your customers, partners and employees.

    Explore our Salesforce capabilities Learn the state of Salesforce
    Transform your supply chain with SAP

    IBM Consulting is driving the next generation of SAP to define and deliver digital transformation and expedite your journey to S/4HANA, RISE and an intelligent, sustainable enterprise.

    Learn about our S/4HANA capabilities Read the case study of a logistics giant
    Enhance the future of work with Workday

    We put the power of the cloud to work, helping you implement Workday HCM tools to transform your talent and reinvent HR, modernizing workflows and improving collaboration and organizational culture.

    Explore our Workday services Transform HR operations with Workday (875 KB)
    Let’s get to work

    Collaborative innovation at an enterprise scale

    IBM Garage™ infuses AI into your applications, processes and skills. As a result, you harness the power of AI to radically improve predictions, automation and optimization, helping your organization to make the right decisions faster and more accurately. IBM Garage uses an AI framework and accelerators for AI at scale, providing industry best practices and enabling accelerated delivery timelines.

    IBM Garage panelists sitting in front of a whiteboard

    From discussions with IBM experts, we began to think a lot more about data — how it’s structured, how it works, how it’s reflected. How we can turn that data into information, into insights and ultimately into action.

    Ben Jackson
    Head of Project and Development Services,
    JLL Middle East and North Africa (MENA)


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    Client stories

    Delivering modern operations with edge-based analytics

    IBM Consulting worked with Boston Dynamics to capture what’s happening inside a manufacturing site. Learn how Boston Dynamics is changing the game in industrial operations.

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    Automation and the future of work

    See why three-quarters of executives expect revenue gains through intelligent automation.

    A new model for connected assets

    Connected and intelligent assets can optimize performance, adapt to changing circumstances and help ensure continuity.


    ¹ IBM Peer Insights, Forrester, 2020

    ² “The Total Economic Impact Of IBM Garage”, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, October 2020