Transform your finance organization through process mining and intelligent workflows with IBM and Celonis.


Accelerate your business transformation with intelligent workflows

IBM, Red Hat and Celonis have formed a strategic partnership that will accelerate how you drive business transformation. Regardless of industry or domain, IBM can help your business become more productive and responsive by harnessing the power of intelligent workflows using Celonis process mining software and Execution Management System. Together, IBM, Red Hat and Celonis are working to help clients execute at full capacity and rapidly get maximum value and potential from their processes.


Make processes and workflows more intelligent

IBM is integrating Celonis into its consulting services to help clients create intelligent workflows across areas like supply chain, finance, procurement, HR and customer experience.

Accelerate innovation in the IBM Garage

IBM is embedding Celonis intelligent execution management software into the IBM Garage methodology to deepen workflow analysis and accelerate the creation of intelligent workflows.

Enable flexibility and choice; maintain consistency and scale

Celonis is embracing an open hybrid cloud strategy by re-platforming on Red Hat OpenShift to give customers more flexibility and choice in how they deploy their technologies, while providing the consistency to scale across multiple clouds.

Transforming processes and workflows

IBM has formed a global partnership that allows IBM and Red Hat to help clients accelerate the transformation of their workflows and make them more intelligent. IBM Consulting will weave the Celonis Execution Management System into its offering, adding the ability to analyze data generated by processes like supply chain management, finance or procurement to identify weaknesses and recommend fixes — and deliver more flexibility in how customers deploy their technologies.


Business process outsourcing

IBM is adopting Celonis across many of its business process outsourcing engagements to help them run more efficiently and ultimately to drive better outcomes for your business.

Finance transformation

IBM is using Celonis process mining to create and optimize intelligent workflows that transform your finance operations and optimize working capital.

Procurement and supply chain transformation

IBM is using Celonis process mining to create and optimize intelligent workflows that transform procurement and supply chain organizations, from supplier sourcing through accounts payable.

Process mining case studies

Transforming and improving finance processes

A big city at sunset with a lot of lights

For a major chemical company, IBM analyzed procure-to-pay processes across several countries using Celonis process mining tools to provide greater transparency and identify tangible improvement areas.

Frictionless procurement at IBM

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IBM transformed its own procurement processes, driving nearly USD 1 million in savings through reduced cycle time, maximized perfect procurement requests, increased catalog adoption and optimized approvals.

Providing insights to employees on dispute management

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A leading multinational consumer packaged goods company achieved greater transparency over their dispute management process and laid the foundation for improving the way client claims and deduction requests are managed.