outthink turbulence

With Watson, airlines are developing a detection system to help pilots
avoid rough air and save carriers $100 million a year.

outthink ordinary

Marchesa + IBM WatsonTM created the cognitive dress. See how businesses across industries are becoming smarter, faster and more innovative with Watson.

outthink limits

Working with Watson, Orreco helps athletes use data to break records.
Outthink Competition.

outthink barriers

Did you know IBM Watson can help you feel better? See how Watson is already working with hospitals, Metronic and Orreco to outthink our biggest challenges.

outthink boundaries

The IBM Cloud is designed for cognitive business. See how companies everywhere are getting more from their data on the IBM Cloud.

Coordinating a complex chain of events to save lives

The IBM Cloud is powering the NHS Blood & Transplant service.

A cognitive experience

How 'cognitive computing' is poised to change your life

IBM’s Cognitive Computing revolution is changing how doctors, financial experts, and many other professions find and investigate key issues in their work.

IBM Watson on health.

What’s Watson working on today? He’s helping hospitals personalise treatments using billions of data points. He’s working with Medtronic to predict the highs and lows of diabetes, hours in advance. And helping Orreco use biomarker data to optimise the performance of athletes.

Cognitive APIs

Discover how fast and simple it is to build cognitive capabilities right into your solution.

Solutions for Cloud, Cognitive, Mobile and more

The right products and solutions to meet your needs.

Cognitive Business

Ready to transform your business?

outthink impersonal

IBM Watson on personalisation

What’s Watson working on today? He’s working with 1-800-Flowers to help find the perfect bouquet out of trillions of combinations. He’s working with the New York Genome Center to help doctors find treatments as personal as DNA. And he’s working with Sesame Street to make education as unique as every child.

outthink status quo

IBM Watson on expertise.

What’s Watson working on today? He’s working with Alpha Modus to predict financial markets five times more accurately. He’s helping TV networks use social data to predict what people want to watch. He even helped Marchesa turn fan feeds into a dress that thinks.

outthink ordinary

IBM Watson on fashion.

What’s Watson working on today? He’s helping create designs like no other. With Marchesa, he turned fan feeds into a dress that responded in real time at the 2016 Met Gala.

Working with Watson, we can outthink anything.

IBM Watson

Ginni Rometty on the cognitive era.

When your business thinks, you can outthink. IBM CEO Ginni Rometty discusses IBM Watson and cognitive technology’s rapid pace of development. The cognitive era is changing change the way companies operate and innovate.

Outthink challenges

A World with IBM Watson

Cognitive business

A new era of business.

IBM Watson

With Watson, the IBM Cloud can see dark data and put it to work. Find out what it can do for your business.