Serving the fans at the US Open

IBM puts the contest into context

Power in perspective

Magical moments in sport matter because they have context. What’s the score? Who are the players and how did they get here? Is it a clash of titans or an upstart facing a living legend? What’s on the line  — or within the line or over the line?

Data gives meaning to action — but it takes the right approach. IBM combines the data of the US Open with historical, predictive and cognitive analytics to help fans understand the game on a whole new level. More than 700,000 lucky fans will experience the tournament in person, but 15 million people around the world will engage on the digital platforms powered by IBM, accessing real-time scores, statistics, video highlights, competitive analysis and more.

Data is at the heart of the US Open digital experience.

Noah Syken, vice president, global sponsorship

Points and data points

With data directly from the umpire’s chair, from statisticians in the stadium and from sensors around the court, IBM collects, packages, and distributes a huge variety of information to enhance the experience, including:

  • Scoring information
  • Player bios
  • Match statistics (such as backhand/forehand winners, faults, aces, ball and player positions)
  • Radar speed readings for serve and return
  • Nine years of historical Grand Slam data (41 million data points)

Watson puts a new spin on the US Open

Cognitive computing has the ability to further enhance the experience of sports by analyzing new types of data such as unstructured information like words or pictures and natural language. For the first time, Watson is coming to the US Open, and arriving with a lot of work to do:

  • Using its Speech to Text API, Watson will subtitle all US Open video on demand and in real time
  • Photos of players and celebrities will be recognized and tagged with Watson’s Visual Recognition API, streamlining the production process for the USTA
  • The US Open apps for iPhone and Android will feature Watson’s Conversation API, which enables patrons to ask logistical questions in natural language

SlamTracker is back and even better

IBM SlamTracker, on the US Open website and mobile apps, provides live dashboards of matches in progress, going beyond scores to analyze real-time and historical player, match and tournament data. One SlamTracker feature, “Keys to the Match,” uses predictive analytics to identify three key strategies that will affect the dynamics of a particular match for each player in that match. At the beginning of a match, fans can check out each player’s “keys” and then follow players’ progress against them in real time, point by point. SlamTracker also features fun facts like player movement tracking and the total distance run during a match. New features include situational analytics, Watson natural language engagement and more sharable items.

Technology showcase

IBM designs, develops and delivers the digital experience of many global sporting events, including The Masters and the four tennis Grand Slams — but these capabilities aren’t all fun and games. The same technologies that deliver competitive analysis for players and connect tournaments with millions of fans can help your business outthink the competition and connect with your customers.