Now we can outthink conventions
Introducing The Cognitive Collection

Fashion designer Jason Grech has leveraged Watson insights to create 12 dresses you will see on the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week Opening Gala Runway. The Cognitive Collection is an exploration into unconventional design. Jason has used cognitive solutions to understand, reason and learn from hundreds of thousands of images to design the collection. From more than ten years of fashion archives and social posts and conversations, Jason is working with IBM Watson to inspire a fashion collection that sets next season's trend.

IBM Watson hits the streets

Trends are not just about the fashion on the runways of Melbourne Fashion Week, but also about what people are wearing to the shows. By analysing public images posted by Australians on their social networks, IBM Watson is helping us determine the real fashion trends during #MSFW.

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IBM and The City of Melbourne (CoM) have collaborated across a number of technology platforms to better understand the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week audience and to enhance the experience of people attending this year's premier fashion event.

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Counting Down The Days

JASONGRECH will launch his exclusive couture collection at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week's opening gala runway on Tuesday 30th August. Check back then to see how his partnership with IBM Watson may just turn fashion on it's head.