What benefits does IBM WebSphere bring to my business?

Reliable Java EE runtime

IBM WebSphere® Application Server is a highly scalable, secure and reliable Java™ EE runtime environment designed to host applications and microservices for any size organization. WebSphere supports the Java EE, Jakarta EE and MicroProfile standards-based programming models.

Security and confidence

Broad support for enterprise-level security standards and integrated management and administrative tooling helps ensure compliance with major security standards like FIIPS, GDPR and more.

Increased productivity and reduced costs

WebSphere Liberty is designed for cloud and virtual environments. Its best-in-class speed and flexibility can increase developer productivity by as much as 25 percent.* Simplified administration and lower overhead can reduce infrastructure utilization by as much as 30 percent.*

Modernize your existing WebSphere applications with containers and microservices

Application modernization is one of the most critical initiatives you will face in business today. Traditional applications can be modernized by moving them to the cloud to speed in-market delivery and improve developer productivity. By modernizing your existing WebSphere Application Server applications and creating a microservice framework, you can leverage your current investments to deliver new capabilities at your own pace — while reducing complexity and costs.

IBM Cloud™ Transformation Advisor quickly analyzes and reports on your existing applications. It assesses applications and middleware components to determine if they are simple or complex and provides guidance in each case for how to modernize them.


GlobalData Plc ranks IBM Application Platforms as "very strong" on various parameters including vision, momentum, innovation, product portfolio, and service and support.

Results of a new industry standard benchmark test correlate to reduced software and hardware costs for clients — SPECj Java EE 7 Web Profile test results.

Learn how you can successfully plan and complete a migration to a newer version of WebSphere Application Server.

See how to use a new no-cost tool to identify workloads that will easily move to a lightweight platform in containers and migrate more complex applications onto VMs.

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