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Learn how the Elio with Watson® virtual assistant, created by NetApp, interacts with customers in real time.

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Lift and shift applications and data to the cloud with advanced data management that meets enterprise demands.

Kick-start your digital transformation with IBM and NetApp

Take advantage of the long-standing partnership between industry innovators IBM and NetApp, and gain the most from their breakthroughs in hybrid cloud. NetApp solutions for IBM Cloud® provide a wide range of data services that simplify the management of applications and data, and accelerate digital transformation. Working together, IBM Cloud and NetApp data management solutions can help you unleash the full potential of your data.

NetApp solutions for IBM Cloud

NetApp and SAP on IBM Cloud

Build enterprise SAP workloads on IBM Cloud using the most powerful cloud-based bare metal solutions for SAP available with the flexibility and performance of NetApp file and block services. Deploy production-capable systems as large as 224 CPU cores with 12 TB of memory to address the largest SAP HANA requirements. For attached storage implementations, scale and performance can expand to 180,000 IOPS and 18 TB for an individual storage mount.*

NetApp ONTAP Select on IBM Cloud

Get the performance, security and scale you rely on with NetApp’s software-defined data storage services for the IBM Cloud. Move and replicate data easily with consistent management across IBM’s 60 data centers and now into six regions and 18 availability zones globally. Have the ability to design the right architecture and control for your environment, from single node to scale out clusters. See why enterprises are using ONTAP Select in IBM for disaster recovery, migration, and production workloads.

IBM Cloud Pak for Data: Services with NetApp ONTAP

Use IBM Cloud Pak® for Data, a fully integrated data and AI platform, to modernize how you collect, organize and analyze data and infuse AI throughout your organization. Built on the Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform, IBM Cloud Pak for Data integrates IBM Watson® AI technology with the IBM Hybrid Data Management Platform, DataOps, and governance and business analytics technologies. NetApp ONTAP developer tools, alongside IBM Cloud Pak for Data, help you to unify and simplify your data infrastructure across edge, core and cloud.

Modernize data protection and recovery

Protect your critical business data in the IBM Cloud with NetApp and Veeam solutions that can help meet your business demands for faster recovery, higher storage efficiency, and risk avoidance.


Get real value from your cloud

Employ the cloud as the single biggest platform for your digital transformation. Drive innovation with cloud data services that transform how, when and where you work.

Use and control your data freely

Get workloads to the cloud months or even years sooner for maximum agility. Simplify provisioning, automation and scalability through integrated consoles or by making API calls.

Get ahead with big data analytics

Accelerate your data analytics to deliver business insight and results faster. Store new, unstructured data and keep it available so your workloads are always running.


*Allow list required for highest tier of storage scale and performance to ensure availability.