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IBM Cloud® offers healthcare industry clients an open, secure and enterprise-grade environment to support workloads, no matter your stage in the journey to the cloud or your workload needs. Accelerate research, inspire patient confidence with innovative customer experiences, and improve system uptime while meeting security and compliance standards.

Diverse solutions help you lift, shift and modernize heritage workloads to the cloud. Use open-source technology to easily create applications on the cloud, then integrate them with your existing workloads. With IBM Cloud, healthcare institutions of all sizes can operate like nimble startups by quickly delivering innovative services that meet ever-changing customer and industry demands — IBM has the solution to meet your needs.

Why IBM Cloud? Faster digital transformation

Using deep industry expertise and HIPAA-enabled and GxP-enabled data sets, IBM can help you accelerate your journey to the cloud.

Better business insights

Unlock the power of your data, create more efficient systems, and improve the customer experience with a wide variety of innovative services like IBM Garage™ and IBM® Watson Assistant®.

More secure and private

IBM is the only cloud provider using the highest-level encryption certification (FIPS 140-2 Level 4) and keep-your-own-key (KYOK) technology with a dedicated hardware-security module (HSM). Meaning you, and only you, have access to your data.


AI helps you predict and shape future outcomes, automate complex processes and optimize your employees’ time.

IBM Watson Assistant

IBM offers the healthcare industry tools and services to help derive more data insights and simplify operations.

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Cloud computing lets you allocate your compute, network, storage and security resources on demand.

IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers

The server and its resources are dedicated to single-tenant use and hosted on the IBM Cloud network.

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IBM Cloud for VMware solutions

Maintain your on-premises infrastructure while adding the scalability and availability of public cloud.

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Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud

Manage Red Hat® OpenShift® clusters on a highly scalable and reliable cloud.

Explore Red Hat OpenShift

Use market-leading protection of data at rest, in motion and use with only you in control.


Whether you face regional, global or industry HIPAA compliance, IBM Cloud helps you manage those mandates.

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IBM Security

Achieve continuous security for your enterprise applications and workloads with expertise from IBM.

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Learn the basics What is cloud security?

Explore cloud security and the importance of enterprises incorporating it into their business operations.

Process big data logs with SQL

This tutorial will help you build a log-analysis pipeline designed to collect, store and analyze log records to support regulatory requirements or aid information discovery.

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