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Learn how the IBM Cloud for healthcare supplies the robust tools and technology you need to deliver quality and improved care through modern apps and services.

Diabetizer Ltd. and Co. KG uses the IBM Cloud to cut operating costs by 30 percent while giving physicians and diabetics greater insight into patient health to encourage better care options.

Help accelerate the consistency and velocity of innovation for your organization with IBM Watson® Platform for Health, our HIPAA-ready, built-for-health development platform.

Drive progress and cut costs with healthcare in the cloud

The IBM Cloud for healthcare supplies the robust tools and technology you need to deliver quality and improved care through modern apps and services. Integrated with powerful cognitive and analytics capabilities for deep insight — plus an agile, scalable cloud infrastructure that is  HIPAA-ready, the IBM Cloud empowers you to focus on innovation while saving time and controlling costs.

Highlights of healthcare on the IBM Cloud

icon representing improved collaboration in healthcare


Improve collaboration among patients, providers and payers to deliver more effective care.

icon representing personalization at the point of care in healthcare


Digest vast amounts of data to reveal personalized recommendations at the point of care.

icon representing improved processes driving efficiency and cost savings in healthcare


Improve business processes to drive efficiency and cost savings.

Discover your IBM Cloud healthcare solution

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Build cloud-native apps or modernize new ones on a robust private cloud platform behind your firewall.

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Accelerate development and delivery of web and mobile services. Our platform integrates DevOps tools and a broad catalog of services.

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Embed powerful services that capture and synthesize the deluge of healthcare data. From IBM Watson cognitive and analytics, to the Internet of Things, to Apache Hadoop and Spark, these services can drive better outcomes.

Cloud Therapy uses cloud-based analytics to speed rare-disease diagnoses

Startup company powers better healthcare using Watson and IBM Cloudant® on the IBM Cloud.

From our clients

Using cutting-edge IBM technology, we are building solutions that stand to spark real change in the healthcare industry and beyond.

—Andre Sandoval, CEO, Cloud Therapy

How can you reimagine healthcare?

Image of a healthcare provider who can benefit from IBM Cloud solutions for Healthcare

For providers

  • Immediate access to curated, evidence-based, disease-specific content
  • Reduced readmission rates with automated outreach and remote monitoring
  • Ability to respond in real time with direct insight into clinical workflows
image of a healthcare payer who can benefit from IBM Cloud solutions for Healthcare

For payers

  • Understanding and managing a population’s health based on risk analytics and patients sharing health information
  • Predictive analytics to control fraud and waste
  • Personalized services, greater flexibility and improved connectivity
image of a healthcare consumer who can benefit from IBM Cloud solutions for Healthcare

For patients and customers

  • Quick access to wellness information to enable proactive care
  • The ability to self-monitor health and transmit data easily to caregivers to help cut healthcare costs by avoiding hospital visits
  • Consolidated health insurance plan information with customized insights in a user-friendly experience

Additional IBM Cloud for healthcare resources

image representing use of IBM Cloud to gain insight, improve personalization and spur innovation for healthcare

This demo shows how healthcare organizations can gain great insight, improve personalized healthcare and bring innovative ideas to life quickly using IBM Cloud.

In a recent survey, trailblazing healthcare payers and providers expect to realize time, cost and risk benefits from using blockchain in three key areas: clinical trial records, regulatory compliance and medical and health records.

Read about how behavioral science company SimpleC decreased dementia related symptoms by 60 percent and sedative drug use by 95 percent with IBM Watson and the IBM Cloud.

Learn how At Point of Care achieved a 75 percent improvement in clinicians’ ability to treat and manage chronic diseases.

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