The IBM Cloud HSM offering provides dedicated, single-tenant encryption, key management, and storage "as a service" using hardware security modules (HSMs).

You can use the HSM service to support a variety of use cases and applications such as public key infrastructure (PKI), code signing, database encryption, document signing, digital rights management (DRM), authentication and authorization and transaction processing.

Below is a table of regions, countries, HSM-supported IBM Cloud data centers, and the associated monthly cost.


Region/Country Data Center Per Month (Rates in USD)
Amsterdam AMS01, AMS03 1,288
Chennai CHE01 1,500
Frankfurt FRA02, FRA04, FRA05 1,375
London LON01, LON02, LON04, LON06 1,338
Milan MIL01 1,375
Oslo OSL01 1,338
Paris PAR01 1,375
Americas (North, Central and South)    
Dallas DAL01, DAL02, DAL05, DAL06, DAL07, DAL09, DAL10, DAL12, DAL13 1,250
Houston HOU02 1,250
Montreal MON01 1,288
Queretaro MEX01 1,338
Sao Paulo SAO01 1,500
Seattle SEA01 1,250
San Jose SJC01, SJC03, SLC04 1,250
Toronto TOR01 1,288
Washington DC WDC01, WDC04, WDC06, WDC07 1,250
Asia Pacific and Japan    
Hong Kong HKG02 1,413
Melbourne MEL01 1,500
Seoul SEO01 1,375
Singapore SNG01 1,413
Sydney SYD01, SYD04 1,500
Tokyo TOK02 1,413