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By packaging apps and all their dependencies, containers make apps portable and scalable.

In this tutorial, use Java or Node.js to scaffold a web application, run it in a container locally, and then deploy it to a new or existing Kubernetes cluster. Also learn to bind a custom domain, monitor the health of the environment and scale the application.

Estimated time: 120 minutes

Number of steps: 53

Scalable Webapp Kubernates

What you’ll accomplish

In this project, you will: 

  • Scaffold a starter application
  • Deploy the application to a Kubernetes cluster
  • Bind a custom domain
  • Monitor the logs and health of the cluster
  • Scale Kubernetes pods

What you’ll need before starting

This tutorial uses the following runtimes and services:

  • IBM Cloud Container Registry
  • IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service

Build a scalable web application on Kubernetes

Gain hands-on experience creating a Java web application and deploying it to a Kubernetes cluster.

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