What is Compose for RethinkDB?

Compose for RethinkDB takes the first scalable JSON database built with the realtime web in mind and makes it even easier for developers to get started with the click of a button.

Compose for RethinkDB features

Lock-free concurrency

RethinkDB has lock-free concurrency for database access and queries are automatically parallelized and distributed through the cluster while supporting secondary indexes for better read query performance and geospatial indexes and queries.


RethinkDB's ReQL is built around function chaining and is available in client libraries for JavaScript, Python, Java, Go, and Ruby. With ReQL it is possible to utilize RethinkDB server side across the cluster’s nodes.

Serious security

SSL is configured by default and RethinkDB deployments run on their own private, isolated networks and the only way to connect to them is by using our SSH access portal. The TCP portals can use a whitelist to restrict access to the databases.

Compose for RethinkDB versions

Fully-Managed RethinkDB

Everything you need to run a performance-ready RethinkDB instance, fully-managed and cloud-hosted.

Compose Enterprise

A private isolated cluster of dedicated physical machines to provision databases with added security, isolation and performance.

Get started on Compose for RethinkDB in minutes

Deploy a production-ready, cloud-hosted RethinkDB database in just minutes.