What is Compose for PostgreSQL?

Compose for PostgreSQL simplifies database hosting with an auto-scaling deployment system that delivers high availability and redundancy, automated, no-stop backups, and more.

Compose for PostgreSQL features


Each PostgreSQL deployment has PostGIS—the PostgreSQL Geo data extension—to give you extensive geo-mapping capabilities to the platform.

PostgreSQL extensions

Compose for PostgreSQL offers database capability extensions, including enhanced indexing, text search, and specialized data types.

Platform security

SSL incoming connections with certificate confirmation ensure you're talking to the right server. IP whitelisting gives server-side control of allowed clients. Creation of users with passwords is mandatory. Your PG database is internet-ready.

Compose for PostgreSQL versions


Everything you need to run a performance-ready PostgreSQL database, fully-managed and cloud-hosted.

Compose Enterprise

When you need a private, isolated cluster of dedicated physical machines for Compose databases, get the security and isolation required by enterprise compliance with dedicated networking.

Get started on Compose for PostgreSQL in minutes

Deploy a production-read, cloud-hosted PostgreSQL database in minutes.