What is Cloudant?

IBM Cloudant is a NoSQL JSON document store that’s optimized for handling heavy workloads of concurrent reads and writes in the cloud; a workload that is typical of large, fast-growing web and mobile apps. You can use Cloudant as a fully-managed DBaaS running on IBM Cloud. Cloudant provides a seamless and cost-effective user experience online and offline, with IBM customers saving up to 95 percent in infrastructure and hosting costs.

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Cloudant Features

Mobile sync libraries

Offline-first applications built with Cloudant Sync provide a better, faster user experience — both offline and online.

Data flexibility

Our RESTful API makes every document in your database accessible as JSON. It is also compatible with Apache CouchDB™, enabling you to access an abundance of language libraries and tools.

Advanced APIs

Enhance web and mobile apps with geospatial operations that go beyond simple bounding boxes.

Global availability

Improve your app’s performance through horizontal scaling architecture that can handle millions of users and terabytes of data to grow seamlessly alongside your business.

How customers use it

Cognitive solutions for regulated industries

When machine learning from IBM Watson is applied to this vast healthcare data, doctors can diagnose patients with speed and accuracy.

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Watson and Cloudant

Point-of-sale apps powered by Cloudant

With point-of-sale apps powered by Cloudant, retailers use analytics to personalize shopping experiences, provide offline transactions.

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Point of sale with Cloudant

Precise IoT-powered shipment tracking

IoT sensors enable precise end-to-end traceability and anomaly detection of shipments. This data is transmitted to IBM Watson IoT Platform.

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Shipment tracking with Cloudant

Cloudant versions

Cloudant DBaaS

Provision a fully managed Cloudant instance on IBM Cloud. Cloudant is always free on the Lite plan. The paid Standard plan offers scalable configurations and starts at $75/month.

Cloudant Local

A self-installable version of Cloudant for on-premises deployments.

Customer success stories

Forrester Wave report

IBM named a “Strong Performer” for insight platform as a service

Get started on Cloudant in minutes

A managed NoSQL database service that moves application data closer to all the places it needs to be — for uninterrupted data access, offline or on.