New: IBM Cloudant on Transaction Engine

The best of NoSQL and SQL — strong consistency and hyperscale querying and storage

What is IBM Cloudant?

IBM Cloudant® is a fully managed, distributed database that is optimized for handling heavy workloads that are typical of large, fast-growing web and mobile apps. Available as an SLA-backed, IBM Cloud® service, Cloudant elastically scales throughput and storage independently. Our expertise takes away the pain of hardware and software provisioning, patching and upgrades, while offering a 99.99% SLA.

Cloudant's API and powerful replication protocol are compatible with Apache CouchDB to pair for hybrid or multicloud architectures.

→ Learn more about using IBM Cloudant and Apache CouchDB in hybrid cloud environments (link resides outside IBM)

Cloudant features


Instantly deploy an instance, create databases and independently scale throughput capacity and data storage to meet your application requirements.


ISO27001, SOC 2 Type 2 compliant and HIPAA ready. All data encrypted over the wire and at rest, with fine-grained access controls using IAM. BYOK and private service endpoints available.

Global availability

Cloudant is available worldwide and easily distributes data across availability zones, regions and continents for global application performance and disaster recovery requirements.

Zero vendor lock-in

Cloudant is the only fully managed cloud database service with an open source drop-in replacement in Apache CouchDB. Deploy them both in tandem for full hybrid and/or multicloud architectures.

Powerful API

Store JSON documents with an HTTP API. Enhance your applications with built-in key-value, MapReduce, full-text search and geospatial querying.

Transaction Engine

A new architecture that brings strong consistency and elimination of in-region conflicts. Users can scale more for less, with global querying and storage that’s as much as four times less expensive.

Where IBM Cloudant wins over the competition

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Use cases

Serverless web application and API

In this tutorial, you will create a serverless web application by hosting static website content on GitHub Pages and implementing the application back end using IBM Cloud Functions.

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Diagram representing use of Cloudant in a serverless web app

Mobile application with serverless back end

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use IBM Cloud functions along with cognitive and data services to build a serverless back end for a mobile application.

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Diagram representing use of Cloudant in a serverless mobile app

Gather, visualize, analyze and detect anomalies in IoT data

This tutorial walks you through setting up an IoT device, gathering data in the IBM Watson IoT® Platform, exploring data and creating visualizations and then using advanced machine learning services to analyze data and detect anomalies in the historical data.

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Diagram representing use of Cloudant in an IoT app

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