Withdrawal of IBM Blockchain Platform Enterprise Plan

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With the release of the next generation IBM Blockchain Platform earlier this year, we are retiring the Enterprise Plan.

When the IBM Blockchain Platform Enterprise plan was released in 2017, it was the first major platform to truly address the needs of the enterprise blockchain space. Since then, our Enterprise Plan users have blazed a new path in the industry—developing new business models, building robust networks, and bringing blockchain-enabled solutions into production.

However, with the release of the next generation IBM Blockchain Platform earlier this year, it is time to say goodbye to Enterprise Plan. To find out more about the new platform and how to sign up, read this blog.

The new platform realizes the true value of blockchain by enabling anyone to distribute a network across any cloud. Additionally, the new pricing model allows you to pay only for what you allocate, with monthly savings ranging from $600 – $2,500 per month for our current Enterprise Plan customers.

If you are an existing Enterprise Plan user and don’t need to save your transaction data, the easiest and fastest way to take advantage of our next-generation platform is to create a new network today—here’s how.

If you are a current Enterprise Plan customer and would like to save your transaction data, we have a plan for you as well. In the coming months, you will receive an email from the IBM Blockchain team with a set of detailed steps for how to upgrade to our new platform.

We will be commencing an upgrade process beginning November 15, 2019. However, we still recommend you create a network on our next-generation platform as soon as possible to help get you started.

Please note

  • Net-new clients cannot be provisioned on Enterprise Plan
  • After December 31, 2019, no new Enterprise Plan networks can be provisioned or members added to existing networks
  • The IBM Cloud Catalog tile previously referring to “Blockchain Platform 2.0” will now read simply, “Blockchain Platform”
  • The Enterprise Plan tile will continue to be available, but a manual review process is required before any new network can be provisioned or any new member can be added to an existing network

For more information about the IBM Blockchain Platform, visit our website, and stay in touch with us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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