What's New with DevSecOps in IBM Cloud

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New capabilities and improvements to the DevSecOps Reference Implementation.

Earlier this year, IBM introduced the DevSecOps Reference Implementation for audit-ready compliance across development teams, which provides a complete, secure software delivery lifecycle automated with IBM Cloud Continuous Delivery and other IBM Cloud services.

We've continued to enhance and improve this reference architecture, and today, we're pleased to announce support for SonarQube, additional validations for image signing and new improvements to the getting-started experience. All of this will help your development teams to quickly launch a workflow that will build, scan, test and deploy your cloud-native applications, while ensuring security and compliance goals are met and evidence is retained for any future audits. 

New support for SonarQube

The DevSecOps reference implementation now supports SonarQube. SonarQube is an open-source platform that helps with continuous inspection of source code quality by performing static code analysis. This helps developers keep tabs on potential bugs and code duplication, enabling them to better handle code complexity while continuously targeting hard business deadlines. More information on configuring SonarQube in the DevSecOps reference implementation can be found here:

Example DevOps Insights Quality Dashboard with SonarQube integration.

Example DevOps Insights Quality Dashboard with SonarQube integration.


Additional image signing validations

The DevSecOps reference implementation requires developers to self-sign their container images before they can be deployed to a production environment. The new image signing step in the reference implementation now validates the input for the correct format, ensuring the Gnu Privacy Guard (GPG) key provided is correct and avoiding rework. 

Improved getting-started experience

We've also improved the getting-started experience by adding a new IBM Cloud Dashboard tile for the DevSecOps reference implementation, highlighting new documentation that makes it easier for development teams to get started with the IBM Cloud Continuous Delivery DevSecOps templates. 

Now you can find the DevSecOps docs all in one place, with a new homepage that is regularly refreshed with content that contains all you need to know to get started, including recommendations, videos, links to IBM Developer content, the IBM Architecture Center and the IBM Community, where you can discuss IBM public cloud with IT ops managers, solution architects, SREs and other cloud professionals:

New DevSecOps documentation homepage.

New DevSecOps documentation homepage.


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