What’s New in Mobile Analytics

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There are new enhancements for Mobile Analytics service, and the service is now available in Frankurt and Sydney regions, along with Dallas and London.

We have made enhancements for Mobile Analytics service in the last few months. The service is now available in Frankfurt and Sydney regions along with Dallas and London. Following are the details of the enhancements:

Web SDK Support

Mobile Analytics is now Omni channel service with the addition of support for Web app analytics. More details can be found at https://github.com/ibm-bluemix-mobile-services/bms-clientsdk-web-analytics/ .

Integration with Mobile Foundation service

Mobile Foundation service now leverages Mobile Analytics service for app, user, and performance analytics. Users can leverage the export to Db2 warehouse option to build adapter analytics and custom charts. You can find more details in the following blog posts:

MobileFirst boilerplate now includes Mobile Analytics

Mobile Services Boilerplate is a template that provides a set of mobile services for users to quickly get started. Mobile Analytics service is now a part of the boilerplate available in the catalog.

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