What’s Included in the IBM Cloud Developer Tools Version 2.1.17

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IBM Cloud Developer Tools CLI Version 2.1.17 features

I’m pleased to announce the latest version of IBM Cloud Developer Tools CLI. Below is a summary of features that are new since my last blog post for version 2.1.12.

Cloud Foundry deployment enhancements

Two changes have been introduced for deployment to Cloud Foundry on IBM Cloud. First, the CLI will now use routes in the manifest.yml file instead of host and domain. This is in line with the deprecation of host and domain in this file that was previously announced by Cloud Foundry.

Cloud Foundry deployment enhancements

Additionally, Cloud Foundry apps are now deployed to a domain in your region like this:  [your region].cf.appdomain.cloud.  For example: myapp.us-south.cf.appdomain.cloud. This new domain is replacing mybluemix.net.

Deploy to Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environments

The CLI now offers both manual and toolchain deployments to Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environments. To configure for this deployment, you must have a CFEE environment configured for your account. With that, you then use the normal mechanisms to target a Cloud Foundry environment:

  • Log in to IBM Cloud using ibmcloud login.

  • Target to your CFEE environment using ibmcloud target --cf.

Expanded toolchain regions

When creating a toolchain for an app through the CLI, you now can choose from all regions capable of hosting a toolchain.

New IBM Cloud Container Registry domains

The IBM Cloud Container Registry domains are changing from a domain with bluemix.net to icr.io. The CLI now accepts either registry domain format.

Usability improvements

There are various small usability improvements incorporated into this release. For example, all questions that ask for a y/n answer now supply a default answer so that you can simply [Enter] on the question if the capitalized default is your intended answer.

Getting started with this release

Install the release: For a new install of IBM Cloud Developer CLI, follow the instructions at this link. If you have previously installed, you can update your dev plug-in with this command:

ibmcloud plugin update dev

Develop an app: Create or enable your first app by following this tutorial.

For assistance, please submit questions to the author of this article. You can reach the development team in the #developer-tools channel of this Slack. You can request access to this Slack channel here.

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