Unique URLs and Applied Filters for Notifications

1 min read

Introducing a new notifications page enhancement.

Recently, we launched a new and improved centralized unified notifications page. We are excited to announce a few additional features that will further improve your notifications experience. 

Each notification will now have its own unique URL that is specified by the notification ID in the query parameters. This feature makes it easier to share and save notifications. Simply save and share the unique URL to easily navigate back to a specific notification while it’s available in the console. 

In addition, you can specify the filters that are used in the query parameters of the URL. If you only want to see a particular type of notification when you visit the notification page, with this feature, you can do just that! Launch the notifications page with the applied filters to see only applicable notifications. Make sure you save the URL so next time you visit the notifications page it’s launched with the filters you’d like to see applied.

As our team continues to update the notifications experience, check back as new features are released that contribute to a useful and valuable workflow.

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