The IBM Cloud Transit Gateway Service Is Changing IBM Cloud Activity Tracker Events

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Starting 23 August 2021, the following Activity Tracker events for IBM Cloud Transit Gateway are changing.

For the full listing of events, see Activity Tracker events for IBM Cloud Transit Gateway.

What are we changing?

  • transit.connection-request-action.approve will become transit.connection-request.approve
  • transit.connection-request-action.reject will become transit.connection-request.reject
  • The following request events will be removed:
    • transit.connection-request.list 
  • resourceGroupId is deprecated and will be removed

What actions are required?

  • Update these event names where applicable. For example, update these names in any custom applications that depend on these specific events. 
  • For the and -request.list actions, simply look for the normal non-request version of these actions.
  • Update resourceGroupId to use target.resourceGroupId.

Learn more about IBM Cloud Activity Tracker and IBM Cloud Transit Gateway.

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