Software Offerings are Now Available in the IBM Cloud Catalog

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The IBM Cloud team is excited to announce the availability of new software solutions in the IBM Cloud catalog. 

Work smarter, not harder with our expanding catalog of software solutions, and take advantage of a simplified installation process to get you started faster. We previously delivered one-click deployments of Terraform-based templates, and then we added IBM Cloud Paks that are deployed to Red Hat OpenShift on the public cloud. Now, you can access around 60 additional Helm charts from the popular Bitnami Application Catalog within the same software section of the IBM Cloud catalog. 

Locating the software offerings

With the rapidly expanding set of software offerings, we wanted to make it simpler to differentiate between services and software. Navigate to the IBM Cloud catalog to take advantage of a few enhancements to help you find what you need quickly:

  • The Services tab contains our broad portfolio of services for infrastructure, developer tools, and more to build your apps on the public cloud. 
  • The Software tab currently contains Terraform-based templates, IBM Cloud Paks, and Bitnami Helm charts. 
  • The Offering type and Provider filters include options to make it easy to find the new software offerings.
Locating the software offerings

What's next?

This is only the beginning for software offerings in the IBM Cloud catalog. As we move forward, we plan to deliver more solutions in the form of packaged software and automation scripts that continue to transform your business. We will continue developing and iterating to bring the best experience to you and integrate offerings from our third-party cloud partners.

Get started today with deploying your first software offering from the IBM Cloud catalog. Feel free to let us know what you think by using the Feedback button that's available on any page in the IBM Cloud console.

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