Skytap on IBM Cloud is Now Offered in the IBM Cloud Data Center in Frankfurt, Germany

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Skytap on IBM Cloud now supports x86 workloads in Frankfurt. This is exciting news for our European clients who need to meet data sovereignty requirements.

Skytap on IBM Cloud’s environments technology accelerates application development, simplifies management, and reduces IT costs, enabling customers worldwide to modernize x86 and Power workloads at the pace of their business. Since 2015, IBM Cloud has offered Skytap in multiple regions around the globe. Skytap usage-based plans have also been integrated into the IBM Cloud Catalog, adding to the 190 services available to IBM Cloud clients today.

What is Skytap on IBM Cloud?

Skytap on IBM Cloud provides heterogeneous environments, combining x86 and IBM Power, networking, OS, middleware, storage, and memory into a single, replicable unit, available on demand. With Skytap on IBM Cloud you can do the following:

  • Improve efficiency of the SDLC by reducing dev/test wait times for standing up new environments.
  • Adopt an incremental approach to application modernization, with the least amount of change required, introducing containers and cloud-native capabilities to traditional applications.
  • Improve business agility by modernizing the technology and processes used to create and enhance applications. 

Complex application environments are one-click away with Skytap templates. Teams prefer self-service-access to test/dev environments and the ability to spin them up instantly. The environment templates reduce cycle times by preventing configuration drift between development, test, UAT, and pre-production.

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