Skytap on IBM Cloud: IBM Power Systems Support Expanded to Toronto

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Today, we expand the availability of IBM Power Systems support to the IBM Cloud data center in Toronto, Canada.

Skytap on IBM Cloud is a cloud service designed to run traditional applications in the public cloud. It supports applications running on AIX, IBM i, Linux on Power, as well as x86 applications running on just about any version of Windows or Linux.

Skytap makes it easy to evolve traditional workloads by rapidly migrating them to the IBM Cloud, enabling modern development practices and integrating new cloud architectures. Skytap and IBM, together, power hybrid-cloud strategies through secure connections to on-premises data centers. Skytap’s environments technology accelerates application development, simplifies management, and reduces IT costs, enabling customers worldwide to modernize at the pace of their business.

Support for Chapter 2

With 80% of enterprise workload still running on-premises, companies have the difficult choice to either refactor existing heritage apps that run their businesses or start net-new with cloud native apps.

Skytap provides a compelling third choice—migrate the apps today as-is and then modernize at your own pace. Skytap allows clients to mix the old and the new. You can get out of the data center today and begin to augment traditional apps in the same environment as the new cloud native capabilities.

Since 2015, IBM Cloud has offered Skytap in multiple regions around the globe. Today, in addition to the existing Power regions in Dallas and London, we now offer Power workload support in Toronto. This is exciting news for our Canadian clients who need to meet data sovereignty requirements.

Skytap use cases

There are many use cases for Skytap, including the following:

  • Data center migration: Skytap’s extensible application environments are compatible with legacy data centers, providing the capability to migrate and run IBM Power and x86 workloads without rearchitecting or replatforming.
  • Cloud dev\test for traditional systems: Compatibility to run traditional, business-critical systems in the cloud combined with self-service resources provides development and test teams the agility to increase release cadence, reduce test time, and increase test coverage. This enables teams to reduce time to release for issues and rapidly innovate, ensuring they remain competitive.
  • App modernization/digital transformation/app innovation: Skytap combines a simple UI with Rich APIs, extensible application environments, and self-service access to resources to provide development and QA teams an agile foundation to adopt new tools, build, and extend traditional applications with cloud native services.
  • Training: Deliver virtual training labs on-demand and around the globe.
  • Production/business continuity: Compatibility to run production and disaster recovery for Power workloads in the IBM Cloud.

Getting started

Skytap on IBM Cloud x86 environments are available in Dallas, Washington, D.C., Toronto, London, Sydney, and Singapore.

Skytap on IBM Cloud offers flexible and competitive hourly and reserved consumption models.

Learn more about Skytap on IBM Cloud.

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