Push Notifications on IBM Cloud is Now Available in the Tokyo Region

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We are pleased to announce the availability of Push Notifications in the IBM Cloud Tokyo multi-zone region.

IBM Push Notifications enables you to send notifications to mobile devices and browsers, allowing for the delivery of timely and relevant information to the users, even when the user is not using the app or website.

Notifications can be targeted to all application users or to a specific set of users and devices using tags. You can deliver the notifications as an onscreen banner alert or to a device's locked screen, thus providing information updates that are quickly and easily accessible.

We are excited to announce the availability of Push Notifications in the IBM Cloud Tokyo multi-zone region (MZR). The Push Notifications offering is also already available in the Dallas, Washington DC, Frankfurt, London, and Sydney MZRs. Our AP Clients can leverage the service in-region.

The ability to control the region of deployment is of specific importance due to in-country regulations, latency reasons, or to ensure availability in disaster situations.


Key capabilities

  • Support for sending notifications to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari browsers, Chrome apps and extensions, in addition to Android and iOS devices
  • Personalization of notifications by individual user, segments of users, or all users
  • Support for millions of notifications with minimum latency
  • End-to-end message tracking—right from the time the message was sent to the time user opens the message
  • Silent and interactive notifications
  • Notifications on events with IBM Cloud Functions
  • Support for enhancements from Mobile OS vendors like rich media, actionable notifications for iOS, and expandable notifications for Android
  • The ability to include variables in notification messages to be resolved on the device
  • REST APIs to configure, subscribe, send, and monitor push notifications to mobile devices and web applications along with client and server-side SDK’s
  • Compliant with ISO27001, ISO27017, ISO27018, GDPR, Soc2 Type1, HIPAA

 Use cases

The following are a few examples of use cases in which IBM Cloud Push Notifications would be useful:

  • A retail LOB executive wants to send a message concerning an upcoming sale on a certain clothing line to only the set of customers who have expressed interest.
  • A news channel app owner wants to send a broadcast alert to all users about an important event in the city.
  • An insurance provider wants to track when the end user removes the device registration so that the user can be approached through alternate channels.
  • A retailer is soliciting feedback on a recent purchase from the customers. Based on the tone, the retailer wants to take specific action.
  • A utility company sends notifications to users on pending bill payments. The company has strict policies that the reminders needs to be sent at specific periods and only once for that period.
  • A media app wants to send web notifications every hour with updates on the World Cup sporting event.

Get started with IBM Push Notifications today.

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