Personalizing your Cloud Journey

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Introducing intelligent recommendations on the IBM Cloud platform.

We are excited to announce the release of our new "For you" widget experience on the console dashboard at Powered by our intelligent recommendation engine, this widget supports your journey by delivering personalized recommendations of services, SDKs, and documentation straight to your dashboard. Similar to the recommendation systems you've probably experienced on Netflix or YouTube, these recommendations are here to help you find the right resources and take action.

At IBM, we are proud to be one of the most comprehensive cloud solution providers in the world, with hundreds of enterprise modernizing technologies like Red Hat OpenShift, IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service, Watson Assistant, and IBM Cloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). However, it can be a little overwhelming to navigate through this sea of content to find what your business needs most. Quality and breadth of options are always good problems to have, but easily navigating these options is still an important part of your experience—and we’re here to help.

For you widget

An example: Vera’s experience

To illustrate the capabilities of this new feature, let’s look Vera’s experience, an IT administrator at a pretend financial institution.

Vera manages her firm's IBM Cloud account and needs to set up an optimal access management strategy for her team. As her firm migrates its IT stack to the cloud, Vera's team is responsible for a blend of mission critical apps and new microservices applications on IBM Cloud. She needs to make sure that the right team members can view and manage the appropriate resources.

To learn what access management features Vera should leverage to ensure the right balance of enablement and security, she searches for articles about Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) within IBM Cloud documentation. Unfortunately, just as she starts to dive into the details, she gets pulled into a critical meeting that she can’t miss and will have to return the platform later on.

Personalized recommendations right when Vera needs them

The next time that Vera logs in to the IBM Cloud platform, she sees that a recommendation for an article about assigning users access is featured in her For you widget. When she clicks the article link, she’s directed to the detailed steps that she needs to successfully assign her team permissions to access resources. She is thrilled to be able to seamlessly knock out this critical task.

How the system works

Our platform’s intelligent recommendation system tracked Vera's searches and surfing behavior across IBM Cloud ( and and leveraged the keywords that were generated from this behavior to get an understanding of her intent. This intent—as well as Vera’s resources, account attributes, and the previous interactions of similar users—provided the insight needed to generate a quality score for each recommendation she could receive. These recommendations were then sorted in the order of most to least relevant and displayed to Vera. These recommendations are intended to empower Vera to not only keep her momentum but execute on her tasks more fluidly.

How to add the For you widget

  1. Click the Customize feature in the top left of the Dashboard.

  2. Scroll to your right and select Add widgets.

  3. Drag and drop the For you tile where it best fits into the dashboard.

  4. Select Done customizing in the top left of your screen.

Get started with intelligent recommendations

This is just one example of how intelligent recommendations can help. We can't wait to see how this system will help you and your team throughout your cloud journey. 

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