Optimize Cloud Costs with IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions

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To ensure you are fully leveraging our IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions, we want to introduce to you to the concept of attaching our Shared solution to your existing Dedicated environment. 

This will help you unlock the added value of the IBM Cloud portfolio to optimize your environment and cost savings. When there is additional demand on your VMware Dedicated cloud resources that results in overflow, you can keep going without interruptions by adding VMware Shared. On the Shared environment, you will pay only for what you use or reserve. 

Our VMware Shared Solution, which utilizes VMware vCloud Director, is a hypervisor-managed environment that allows you to consume VMware virtual machines (VMs) on an hourly rate, while leveraging existing VMware skills, resources, and operational tooling. 

Use cases

Here are some common use cases where you can leverage the VMware Shared solution to provide environment and cost optimization:

Here are some common use cases where you can leverage the VMware Shared solution to provide environment and cost optimization:
  • Bursting and data center extension: Extend your VMware environment into the cloud without refactoring applications or requiring steady-state compute. By bursting from private cloud (either on-premises or in IBM Cloud) to a consumable as-a-service model, you can avoid CAPEX expenses and find the ideal infrastructure to optimize cost effectiveness.
  • Dev, test, and quality assurance: Pay only for what you use. Customers can quickly spin up/down capacity based on their current needs, minimizing their unused capacity to save money. Buy compute capacity, not fixed-size VMs. Within the capacity limit, provision any number of VMs of different sizes with ultimate flexibility.
  • Disaster recovery and resiliency: VMware Shared is an economical landing zone for a disaster recovery workload. Pay for compute only when you use it; the rest of the time, you are billed only for storage.
  • Ease of management and operations: Focus on application delivery while offloading the hypervisor management, with IBM providing the patching, upgrading, and monitoring of the infrastructure based on a MZR architecture. You'll enjoy enhanced visibility of different projects and teams through creating separate virtual data centers to provide granular financial and role-based management.
  • IT modernizations and digital transformation: Once in IBM Cloud, you can consume over 170 Cloud services. Modernize with containers, Database as a Services, and many other options that can be connected via our Private Network Endpoints.

Get started with IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions Shared

To help you try out IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions Shared, we are currently offering you a $500 credit promotion! To take advantage of the promotion, you can visit our blog to get all the details, or if you are ready to go, you can click here to jump into your IBM Cloud portal, where you can enter in the promo code FREE500VM in the checkout screen. 

Add our VMware Shared Solution to your VMware Dedicated Solution to access the unmatched flexibility, control, and cost savings with a single cloud vendor.

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