The Newly Released 25GbE Standard on IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers

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For the first time ever, 25GbE port speeds are now available on IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers.

This provides significantly more efficient and flexible utilization for not only top switch I/O (input/output) performance and fabric capability, but also for PCIe Lanes.

The cloud industry as it relates to data center networking and ethernet connectivity has been evolving upgrade paths little by little, year by year, for quite some time now. In fact, it wasn’t that long ago that 10GbE was unheard of. I remember being shocked at the availability output that 10GbE could deliver at the time. And then cloud computing trends spiked — as did our needs for faster data delivery and better bandwidth performance.

Why choose 25GbE for your IBM Cloud Bare Metal Server? Simply put, it’s cost-effective, power-efficient and delivers higher bandwidth — three wins that are ideal for web scaling and enterprise-grade cloud design.

At-a-glance: 25GbE on IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers

  • Available on all monthly, next-gen, 12-drive processors, including the following:
    • Intel Xeon 4210
    • Intel Xeon 5218
    • Intel Xeon 6248
    • Intel Xeon 6250
    • Intel Xeon 8260
  • Choose public or private network interfacing.
  • Choose automated or user-managed port redundancy.
  • Support for CentOS, RHEL 8.2, RHEL 8.2 for SAP, Windows Server 2016, 2018 and ESXi 6.7 and 7.0 in Bare Metal.

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