New Liberty-for-Java Buildpack v3.61 Is Available on IBM Cloud

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The Liberty-for-Java Buildpack v3.61 adds Liberty runtime as the default and alternate runtime and includes the MicroProfile 4.1 package.

The IBM JRE Version is updated to 8 SR6 FP35. The Liberty buildpack now includes the IBM Semeru Runtime Open Edition for Java 11 (11.0.12_7_openj9-0.27.0) and is replacing the runtime from Eclipse. The updated JRE includes Oracle's July security patch update. 

This buildpack contains two production versions of Liberty — a default version that remains constant for approximately three months and the latest version, as an alternate. 

An existing application will not be affected by the new buildpack until you redeploy or restage it. After redeployment, existing applications should continue to run "as is" without any additional changes. New applications will automatically use the new buildpack.

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