New in the Security and Compliance Center: Resource Templates

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We’re taking another step forward in our mission to help you achieve continuous security and compliance by allowing you to provide customized defaults for your services.

With the IBM Cloud® Security and Compliance Center, you can now define a set of custom default values for your IBM Cloud resources. 

What are resource templates?

A resource template makes defining configuration defaults for IBM Cloud resources a snap. You can define your preferred values (or customized defaults) on properties that are used to configure an IBM Cloud resource for you and all users in your account. After you attach a template to a scope, your customized defaults are applied to ensure that your selections override the default values each time that a target resource is created. Technically speaking, a resource template is a JSON document that defines default property values for a target resource.

Not sure if templates are right for you? For more information, check out the Security and Compliance Center documentation.

How can I get started?

To start defining resource templates, you can go to the IBM Cloud Security and Compliance Center and create a new template in the Configure > Templates tab.


New to the Security and Compliance Center? Try walking through our step-by-step tutorial to get started.


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